International Master of Science Chemistry and Physics of Materials


Our society is currently facing major challenges in the areas of energy, medicine, ecology, construction, and transportation. For further advancements in these key areas, it has become crucial to discover and develop novel functional materials.


The Master program Chemistry and Physics of Materials (CPM) offered at the Department of Materials Science and Physics, prepares students for these important issues. It is opened to students from all countries and different scientific backgrounds.
It is focused on the synthesis, characterization, and processing of synthetic and naturally-occurring functional materials. Through both fundamental and applied science courses, this program provides students with a complete understanding of the influence that the physical, chemical and biological properties of materials can have over their integration within functional devices and real-life applications. Students enrolled in this program will gain a well-rounded education in materials science and engineering that meets the needs of industry and academia.

Entrance requirements

A B.Sc. degree in a field related or equivalent study at a certified post-high school educational institution in Austria or in a foreign country (Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Materials Science, etc.).


  • Academic Degree: M.Sc.
  • Program duration: 3 semesters
  • ECTS units: 90
  • Start-date: Winter (October) or Summer (March) semester


The CPM Master of Science program is an English-based curriculum. It is research orientated and is three semesters in length. A balanced mix of required core courses and elective modules provides a flexible and individualized curriculum. The first two semesters introduce a number of modern methods of synthesis, processing, and characterization of functional materials. The third semester is dedicated to the Master’s thesis research work.


During the course of the M.Sc. degree program, students will become familiar with the means of independent experimental scientific research, through a constant interaction with our Faculty members. This will provide students with the ability to find innovative solutions to material-, processing- and sustainability-related problems.


Each semester corresponds to 30 ECTS units.

Core courses

  • Chemistry of Materials
  • Physics of Materials
  • Materials Characterization
  • Health, Safety, and Regulations

Five elective modules

  • Nanomaterials and Interfaces
  • Biological Materials and Environment
  • Materials, Minerals, and Resources
  • Computational Materials Science
  • Industrial Managemen

Scope and Curriculum

Technologies that address current global challenges rely heavily on materials development. Improving today’s materials as well as designing the next generation of materials requires profound knowledge and skills in natural sciences. Beginning with the winter semester 2014/15, the University of Salzburg offers a new curriculum for an international master of science program entitled “Chemistry and Physics of Materials”.
This master program aims to train excellent Bachelor graduates from the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science and Engineering in synthesis, characterization, and applications of functional materials. Special emphasis will be put on natural resources and environmental considerations. The master science program in Chemistry and Physics of Materials is a three-semester program that provides advanced technical preparation for a career in research and development as well as management and entrepreneurship. The program requirements are flexible in order to support students with diverse interests and career goals. Classes will be taught in English at the Department of Materials Science and Physics by experts in the fields.


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