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Program Description


Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS)'s Master of Finance (iMF) is dedicated to developing leaders with global vision, industry skills, and impeccable professionalism. Students will master principles of finance and information analysis, learn to skillfully apply financial theories to real-world settings, become deeply knowledgeable in cutting-edge industry trends in China and abroad, and develop strong entrepreneurial and innovation skills. Graduates will be equipped to excel in the finance and technology industries and in government and become globally competitive practitioners of finance.


Program Features


The Master of Finance specializes in financial technology and provides students with strong foundations in applied economics, management, law, and computer science. The program's interdisciplinary approach and focus on cutting-edge theories and new technologies equip graduates to innovatively apply FinTech to government, industry, education, and research.

Renowned professors and experts

The iMF program is led by well-known experts in FinTech from China and collaborates closely with Zhejiang University Academy of Internet Finance and Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance to bring together prominent global experts, scholars and industry leaders in FinTech to participate in lectures, mentorship, practical experience, and research.

Intercultural exchange

Recruiting both Chinese and international students and using English as the main language of instruction, the iMF program's international student community integrates Eastern and Western cultures and fosters cross-cultural understanding. The international campus the program is located on also brings together outstanding undergraduate students in engineering, biology, and other majors for cultural and intellectual exchange.

Collaboration with leading firms

ZIBS partners with renowned FinTech firms such as Ant Financial to provide students with outstanding internship opportunities and platforms for research in FinTech. Students not only benefit from practical courses and corporate mentors but also enjoy opportunities for research at the Zhejiang University-Ant Financial Services Center and for career development in China and abroad.

Program Structure

iMF is a full-time master's degree program with a duration of 2 years. Students are required to earn at least 38 credits for courses and 4 credits for the internship. The internship should last no less than 6 months, of which at least 3 months should be in finance-related positions at financial firms, corporations, or government. A final research thesis is required.


Admission Information: Foreign Applicants

Application Qualification

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent with relevant working experience
  • No requirement for the Chinese language

Application Process & Documents Required

  • Apply online
  • Send the following supporting documents by post (*documents submitted for IMF application will not be returned)
    • Signed application form with photo (white background, 35mm x 45mm size)
    • Copy of valid passport (photo page)
    • Original or notarized copy of highest degree
    • Official transcripts for each degree held
    • Official TOEFL or IELTS score report (if applies) (Department Code for TOEFL C603)
    • GRE or GMAT score report (if available)(Department Code for GRE: 4741)
    • Personal statement (minimum 1,500 words) either in English or Chinese
    • A full curriculum vitae & two reference letters with referrers’ signatures and contact information (one academic & one professional)
    • Remittance receipt of the application fee (RMB 800)
  • Interviews: ZIBS iMBA Admission Office will short-list applicants and determine who will be interviewed. Interviews will be held face-to-face or via video conference.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for the program is 148,000 RMB, to be paid over 2 years in two installments.

Contact ZIBS staff members before you apply online and we will assist you with anything where help is needed.

  • The soft copies for all the application documents should be sent to
  • The hard copies should be posted to the following address:
    • iMF Program Team, Room. 405, Art and Science Building, Zhejiang University International Business School.718 East Haizhou Road, Haining, Zhejiang Province, China 314400,
    • +86 571 87572711

ZIBS First Year Student Scholarship(10000-20000 RMB)

The ZIBS First Year Student Scholarship is established to reward individuals with outstanding global leadership potential. It is open to all first-year international students.

The Scholarship will be paid to students monthly as a living allowance, starting one month after the student registration period. The scholarship will be disbursed over the period of one school year (10 months). Students are, however, required to pay the tuition in full upon registration.

Application Guidelines

  1. Fill in ZIBS First Year Scholarship Application Form.
  2. Send a soft copy of your application package, including application documents and ZIBS First Year Scholarship Application Form to
  3. Mail a hard copy of your application package as above to the address below: iMF Program Team, Rm. 405, Arts and Science Building, Zhejiang University International Business School, 718 East Haizhou Road, Haining, Zhejiang Province, China 314400 +86 571 87572711

Evaluation Criteria

The scholarship offer will be determined based on the applicant’s: Academic Background (70%) + Interview Performance (30%).

The result will be announced by the end of June as well as stipulated in the Admission Letter.


Last updated Apr 2020

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