International Master in Football Coaching and Management


Program Description

First professional football Master focused on training methodology completely in English.

The most successful training methodology of the last 20 years in international football explained and taught by the best Spanish coaches and managers.

  • Students will visit and observe everyday activities in Real Madrid’s Sports City of Valdebebas.
  • Professionals of the European most awarded club will show the best methodology to achieve success.

Key points

One of the most complete studies for professionals of the football sector

  • Start dateOctober 23, 2020
  • Duration9 months
  • Study typeFace-to-face
  • ECTS60

Why study this program?

  • 1 Trip to the football academies
  • 7 Visits to Football Clubs and Sports companies
  • 20 Hours visiting Real Madrid facilities: Santiago Bernabeu Stadium & Valdebebas Sports City.


Student profile and study access information:

  • Football coaches and technical staff that work directly with the team (football players) on the field;
  • Managers and owners that lead football projects (professional football clubs or new football projects: academies or clubs);
  • Professionals that work at Sports institutions.

Admission Process

The admissions process for Real Madrid Graduate School programs can take place at any time during the year, although enrollment on any graduate program will depend on the availability of places.

The admissions process involves no costs or commitment for candidates until their place is formally reserved.

The admissions process consists of the following stages:

  • Personalized advice
  • Submission of application and documentation for the assessment of the candidate's profile
  • Profile assessment and interview
  • Confirmation of admission
  • Formal reservation and enrollment


The Master’s will be carried out at top sports and academic facilities: Santiago Bernabeu, Valdebebas Sports City, Universidad Europea Campus.


  • Futboljobs
  • Footballaim
  • Efficiency Match
  • Best of you and companies related to professionals agents

Study plan

Module 1. Modern Football Coaching Methodology

  • Developing own Game Model
  • High-performance football variables: identification and development
  • Controlling and evaluating the training process
  • Process training: a methodological revision

Module 2: Football Technical Staff

  • Technical Staff organization and responsibilities
  • Physical Coach
  • Goalkeeper Coach
  • Health area: better performance-optimizing hygienic habits
  • Neuro-psychological area: applied science and practical strategies to increases performance
  • Scouting and match analysis

Module 3: Youth development programs, strategies and football management

  • Case study: modern youth development programs analysis and observation
  • Programming and planning football training
  • Talent development: individual and collective process
  • Team organization: evaluating and analyzing for a need’s definition

Module 4: The Club

  • Professional Football Club structure
  • The Football Manager
  • Football Club key departments: relation and organization
  • Training and recruitment: talent development
  • Club branding and Community Manager
  • Media: Press conferences
  • A growing area: Women’s football

Module 5: Developing a new project: The Football Academy

  • Case study: current success academies
  • International Academies of the Spanish professional clubs
  • International Youth Football tournaments
  • Creating a Football Academy
  • Developing an organization chart
  • Looking for investment

Module 6: Football International Management and Laws

  • FIFA and UEFA general organization
  • RFEF and RFFM general organization
  • World’s Referee
  • National and International rules for players transfers
  • Contract models and commercial relationships.

Methodology of International Master in Football Coaching and Management 

  • In this Master’s, students will have a 360º view of all key areas to increase football players’ performances and, above all, make their projects succeed.
  • During the Master, students will combine theoretical and practical lessons: students will have the chance to know the latest theories and practice in modern training sessions with the latest technology tools.
  • This master’s degree brings the opportunity to know all key variables to achieve high performance in competition and shows how to organize and manage optimally a football institution (clubs, academies, or federations). Students will see how they must work as a football coach and their technical staff, and how to organize their relations.
  • Another important part of these studies is the visits to top youth development academies of Spanish professional clubs. The most successful companies with the last technologies inside the football sector will visit us. The students will travel to and get to know Portuguese academies, currently European champion in National teams.
  • At the managing level the program will introduce what departments need a football institution. Students will see and understand how strong and important the relationship between all these departments in a football organization is and their influence on the result of the match. At the end of the Master’s they will have the tools to apply it to their own projects.
  • And finally, students will know how international sports laws govern the international relationships between institutions, clubs, and professionals. 
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About the School

In 2006 Real Madrid C.F.and Universidad Europea de Madrid created the first University School specialized in sports and its relationship with management, health, communications and leisure/recreation.

In 2006 Real Madrid C.F.and Universidad Europea de Madrid created the first University School specialized in sports and its relationship with management, health, communications and leisure/recreation. Read less