International Master in Fashion Photography and Advertising


Program Description

  • Level: High or semi-professional
  • Duration: 600 hours 1 year Academic.
  • Hours: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. or 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Modality: Annual Master's Degree
  • Price: € 11,900
  • Forms of payment: Advantages for prompt payment (30 days prior) / Custom financing.

Upcoming Calls

  • From February 25 to October 30, 2020. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 to 13H.
  • From February 25 to October 30, 2020. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 19 to 22H.


The Master in Fashion Photography and Advertising of Too Many Flash is consolidated as the most practical, realistic and functional program that exists, providing a strong professional and international vision, experiential learning, and results-oriented.


The International Master of Fashion Photography and Advertising is aimed at people with a good base of photographic technique and at least 1 year of experience and / or demonstrable training who want to dedicate themselves professionally to fashion photography and advertising.


The main objective is focused on your insertion in the fashion and advertising photography industry as a professional positioned at a high level, with differential competitive advantages. For this we will work the preproduction, production and postproduction phases and you will be able to carry out professional commissions from beginning to end. In addition, we will involve the areas of marketing and dealing with the client throughout the process, consolidating a business vision focused on your business success, and with personalized follow-up through coaching sessions and tutorials.

During an academic year there will be constant real productions of fashion photography, with professional technical and human resources, so that you build and know how to defend a large portfolio of high quality. Your teachers will be prestigious photographers specialized in the different areas of the master's degree, involved in teaching and achieving your professional goals, which will provide you with technical, aesthetic, creative, ethical and methodological tools, as well as valuable advice in order to achieve the Excellence as a specialized photographer.

Trips to Cabo de Gata and London are some of the proposals that make this program a unique and international realistic experience.

The total 600 hours of training (24 ECTS) are distributed according to the European ECTS Credit Transfer System between school hours (see start and end dates of the call), out-of-class student work hours required for the achievement of the objectives (tasks, assignments and final project), activities, tutorials, coaching sessions and business practices. Having passed the criteria for the evaluation of the complete training, the final degree will be delivered.

Photographic studioAlexander Dummer / Unsplash


When you finish the Master's Degree in Fashion and Advertising Photography:

You will position yourself as an expert fashion photographer

After completing the master's degree in fashion photography and advertising, you will have been able to develop your own style and be prepared to carry out professional commissions with small and large clients such as brands and agencies.

You will enter the fashion industry

You will acquire a global knowledge of the industry knowing your position in it and knowing how to work as a team with the professional profiles that you will find in your near future.

You will run productions from start to finish

You will learn to defend sessions of all kinds; beauty, test, editorial, catalog and advertising executing the processes of pre-production, production and postproduction.

You will expand your professional vision in fashion photography

You will know first hand the different philosophies, methodologies and forms of expression of great photographers of international recognition with which you will work side by side during the master.

You will improve your skills and aptitudes

You will know how to express your potential as a photographer with both lighting and postproduction technical knowledge and with the development of your visual culture and critical thinking.

You will develop a professional fashion portfolio

Upon leaving the master you will have made a complete and professional portfolio that will serve as a cover letter to your clients.

You will know how to deal with and negotiate with your clients

You will develop a global business vision and learn business, negotiation and customer management techniques to know how to identify and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market.

You will create a defined own style

You will know how to build and defend your identity as a photographer, which you will know how to fit into your entire business process, both in communication and in your work. This will be the key to differentiate you in the market.

You will learn to sell yourself professionally

You will create a personal differential brand with added values and you will know how to communicate it through a well-oriented marketing strategy.

Our goal is your success

We want to help you dedicate yourself professionally to photography. We accompany you throughout the process to express your potential and qualities as a fashion and advertising photographer. If you want to become a great professional photographer here we offer you a safe bet.

Do you dare to take the step you want so much?

How do we do it?

Offering you all the support you need.

Tutoring and coaching

We monitor your progress and help you improve habits and attitudes that can influence your professional development.

All resources at your fingertips

During the Master you can use our studio and photographic equipment and post-production room free of charge. We will always encourage you to practice and improve.

Business practice

You can be a photographer's assistant and learn from him in real life by applying everything learned. We look for options according to your tastes and availability.

Real Trips and Productions

Trips to London and Cabo de Gata will help you work anywhere in the world and carry out complex productions from start to finish.

Professional Portfolio

During the course you can make a complete and varied portfolio both within the classes and by yourself. A cover letter worthy of a professional.

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Queremos ayudar a personas como tú a dedicarse profesionalmente a la fotografía. Si te apasiona la fotografía, y quieres crecer tanto personal como profesionalmente, uno de tus activos más importantes es la formación. Si tienes claro tu objetivo y estás realmente comprometido, estás más cerca de conseguirlo. Si finalmente decides dar el paso te damos la enhorabuena. Eres valiente. Read less
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