International Master in Animation 2D / 3D


Program Description

European qualification

  • Duration: 1 year
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Hours: 6 hours a day
  • Spanish Language
  • Entry profile: University graduates
  • Price:

    • Cash payment: € 9,900

      Place reservation: € 500 € 9,400 before 16/7/2019

    • Payment in 4 installments: € 10,200

      Place reservation: € 500

      50% before 15/7/2019 (€ 4,850)

      25% before 6/12/2019 (€ 2,425)

      25% before 01/4/2020 (€ 2,425)

Student selection process :

Send the requested documentation with the attached documents:

  • Registration dossier completed (IT IS ATTACHED TO THE MAIL)
  • Assessment notes or degree of higher studies
  • Document DNI / PASSPORT / NIE
  • passport photo
  • Portfolio of creative works.

All must be sent to:

You must reserve time for personal interview in our school or through Skype: Manuela Paredes

Once all the documentation has been received and the personal interview has been conducted, the student will be informed if he is accepted or not.

Limited places.

With L'Idem, animation from all angles!

Every year there are more companies in the sector of 2D / 3D animation that want to welcome our students in training, trained for a successful and immediate incorporation into the world of work. Also every year more active professionals want to join our teaching team and contribute their bit to our educational project.

But why L'Idem is the school that professionals choose?

They explain it to you!


To provide students with the knowledge and stimulate the abilities of animation cinema, to achieve specialization as animators with a solid and effective technique. In the same way, there is a vision of the craft of animation as art and industry, applying the traditional tools of animation and its adaptation to new digital technologies.

Potential Public

Students in the last year of higher education with a good base of drawing.


  • Theoretical-practical sessions
  • Conferences and regular meetings with internationally recognized experts from the industry and the art of animation cinema
  • Advice and supervision of the process of creating the drawing and animation technique


  • Animation film production processes: Understand the production chain from planning to completion of the project.
  • Drawing in movement: Improvement of the technique.
  • Techniques and principles of animation: Complete and detailed study of the bases to create the illusion of movement and interpretation.
  • Infographics: Use of the Photoshop tool and its applications in animation.
  • Animación 2d - Toon Boom: Comprehensive training on the most complete software on the market, designed specifically for the production of 2D animation.
  • Animación 3d - Autodesk maya: Introduction to 3D from the concrete vision of the animator.
  • Final project: The students make a short film in group, developing all the production phases.
  • Internships (200h00): 7 weeks. From June 10 to July 27/6 hours a day: total 200h.


Applicants must conduct a preliminary interview with the principals and part of the teaching team of the school to show their work book. At the end of the International Master the students will have:

  • Clips with technical animations
  • Clips with character animations
  • A delay of works with personal presentation.
  • Short film of one minute.


Adobe Photoshop - 3D Autodesk MAYA - Toon Boom Studio - Nuke - 3D Studio Max - After Effects - Flash - Première - Final Cut

Professional outings

Character designer, background artist, layout artist, 2D animator, 3D animator, 3D generalist, 3D infographic, 3D modeler, rigger, skinner, texture artist, lighting, rendering artist, 2D / 3D ...

Lluís Viciana, Animation Director of Neptuno Films

Last updated May 2019

About the School

L’Idem Creative Arts School forma a futuros profesionales de la animación y el diseño gráfico para su incorporación exitosa e inmediata en el mundo laboral. La clave de nuestro éxito es saber que form ... Read More

L’Idem Creative Arts School forma a futuros profesionales de la animación y el diseño gráfico para su incorporación exitosa e inmediata en el mundo laboral. La clave de nuestro éxito es saber que formar profesionales es, al mismo tiempo, formar personas. Read less