International Master Program in Global Finance


Program Description



The International Master Program in Global Finance is an English-taught program launched in the Fall semester of 2015 with the main focus in the practical application of financial/accounting/economics theories on global financial markets. This degree program attempts to cultivate financial elites with global perspectives and keen insight/understanding of the operation of global financial markets.

The main themes of this master degree program include:

  1. Engaging in interdisciplinary cooperation between finance, accounting, and economics, and between academic and industries.
  2. Cultivate students’ professional knowledge about the global operation of financial markets.
  3. Develop cross-bordered research/internship opportunities.

Application Requirement

The program is looking for applicants who interested in development and trends of Asia finance, possess the basic business background and plan to develop a successful career in the global financial markets are welcome to apply.

Successful applicants should satisfy following requirements:

  1. Equivalent bachelor's degree: preferably in the field of business-related majors.
  2. Fluent English Proficiency: applicants from non-English-speaking countries required to submit TOEFL or TOEIC score. The minimum score requirement is TOEFL iBT 79 or TOEIC 750.

Degree Requirement

All courses for this 2-year master program will be instructed in English. Students have to complete 42 credits of courses and a master thesis to fulfill a degree requirement for the International Master degree of Global Finance conferred by the authority of the CCU. Each student is also required to complete an oral defense for their master thesis. Qualified students will be granted the degree of Master of Science in Global Finance, M.S.


The program curriculum is designed with an emphasis on fundamental financial theories and practices.

The program structure consists of:

  1. Pre-requisite courses (undergraduate-level),
  2. 18 credits of Core Courses (graduate-level ) and
  3. 24 credits of Elective Courses (graduate-level).

Pre-requisite Requirements

All students should have the following preliminary undergraduate-level courses taken before admitted to the master program. Students without these courses background are required to take these undergraduate courses at CCU after admission.

These pre-requisite under-graduate-level courses include the following:

  1. Economics (3-credit, micro or macroeconomics),
  2. Accounting (3-credit, Basic Accounting or equivalent course),
  3. Statistics (3-credit, Basic Statistics or equivalent course).

Core Courses

Core courses include 6 courses in two modules: Financial Module and Strategic and Innovative Module. Students are required to complete all the following 6 core courses (18 credits) at CCU.

Financial Module

  • Financial Markets and Institutions - 3 credit
  • Financial Management - 3 credit
  • Investment Analysis - 3 credit

Strategic and Innovative Module

  • Information and Strategic Management - 3 credit
  • Technology Innovation and Organizational Change - 3 credit
  • Innovation and Application of Emerging Financial Instrument - 3 credit

Electives Courses

Students are required to complete 24 elective graduate-level credits. Among these 24 elective credits, at least 18 elective credits must be selected from the following and involve at least 3 of the following 4 fields:

Field I: Interdisciplinary Professional Skills

  • Econometrics - 3 credits
  • Electronic Commerce - 3 credits
  • Advanced Financial Accounting - 3 credits
  • Empirical Microeconomics - 3 credits
  • Information Technology and Decision Theory - 3 credits

Field II: Managerial Ability

  • Computer Auditing - 3 credits
  • Investment Analysis - 3 credits
  • Financial Economics - 3 credits
  • Managerial Behavior and Organization - 3 credits

Field III: Communication Skills

For Local Student

  1. Financial English Writing - 3 credits
  2. English Conversation for Financial Managers - 3 credits

For International Student

  • Chinese Oral Expression Basic - 3 credits
  • Chinese Sentence Patterns Basic - 3 credits

Field IV: Global Perspectives

  • International Trade and Finance - 3 credits
  • International Investment Banking - 3 credits
  • International Finance - 3 credits.
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