The training program aims to create a master's thesis based on relevance and primacy of creative and educational products. Contents of the dissertation are localized at the junction of science pedagogy of art, a technique of musical education, music psychology, music, musical pedagogic management activities, creative technologies. Based on the principle of redundancy educational environment allows undergraduates to acquire a multi-faceted educational experience that provides the possibility of extending the field of professional activity.

The uniqueness of master's degree program.

Unique is the principal ground of the program content:

  • The principle of relevance and primacy of educational and creative products of students designing their own personal educational content
  • The principle of redundancy of the educational environment
  • The principle of educational reflection

The uniqueness lies also in the list studied educational modules, ensuring the development of creative personality traits of students, activity in self-knowledge and self-development; sequential occurrence in the sphere of contemporary music culture and pedagogical innovation, appearance and development of collective creative subject with the position of future professional activity.


  • "State Specialized Institute of Arts"
  • "Balakirev School of Arts"
  • "Children's band music school”

Competence of graduates:

  • to improve their intellectual and cultural level, to carry out professional and personal self-education, to design further educational path and professional career;
  • using the musical ability, artistic taste, and the necessary equipment, to create a unique creative product alone and in joint creativity;
  • to develop and apply innovative technologies and modern methods of musical organization of educational process in different educational institutions;
  • to fluent technical means of creating and playing musical art objects;
  • the use of modern diagnostic technology and quality evaluation of music education;
  • to use new, modified and adapted pedagogical technologies in musical and educational activities with the result of their implementation and practical application of the subsequent positive effect;
  • to study and generate cultural needs, promote a cultural and educational level of the population, to develop strategies for musical education and implement educational programs to promote the art of music and the national cultural traditions.

Contact information:

  • Orekhova Olga Georgievna
  • 8(916)9569962 (c 11.00 до 17.00)
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