Industrial systems

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Industrial systems

University of Technology Troyes - UTT

To manage industrial system, its costs and optimize its performances

The optimization of an industrial processus depends on the technical and financial requirements and constraints: quality assurance, the human as active and decisional element, the environment, innovation and the competitive context.

The Industrial System engineer is trained at the design, management and maintenance of manufacturing systems, at taking into account the environmental impact and risks as well as at the implementation of manufacturing techniques processes.

Core courses in Industrial Systems:

  • Company management and strategy, project management
  • Mathematic tools: statistics, operational research, optimization
  • Informatics, simulation
  • Technology, automation
  • Quality, industrial excellence

Competences of the Industrial Systems Engineer

  • To pilot an industrial manufacturing system by integrating the socio-economical and human factors
  • To implement scientific methods of industrial management
  • To use and to master the software tools for industrial management
  • To audit the industrial processus performances
  • To audit and improve an industrial processus

Specializations (Filières):

Production Systems Management:

Optimized design and management of production systems or production lines

Specific competences:

  • Flow management and logistics
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Forecasting methods and stocks management
  • Production systems design
  • Tools for decision making
  • Industrial Information Systems: Computer-Aided Management and Manufacturing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Supply Chain Management:

Cost management and quality improvement for supply chain, taking into account flows and product lifecycle

Specific competences:

  • Supply chain analysis, flow management
  • Transportation
  • Warehouse management
  • Information systems in logistics, ERP

Operational safety, Risks and Environment:

Management of infrastructures with risks, prevention of major industrial accidents and sustainable development

Specific competences:

  • Operational safety, systems reliability and experiment feedbacks
  • Systems security
  • Industrial risks management
  • Environmental analysis
  • Industrial systems monitoring and diagnostic
  • Maintenance and integrated logistic support

Related laboratories:

  • LOSI: Industrial Systems Optimization
  • LM2S: Systems Modeling and Dependability
This school offers programs in:
  • French

Cost & Fees

French engineering degrees are known worldwide for their high quality standard. The UTT's ultimate goal is to elevate this standard at the lowest possible cost for students. The cost of educating and training an engineer is estimated at about 12000 Euros per year. Thanks to government subsidies, French and international students pay an extremely small percentage of this cost (7 %). Annual registration fees and initial registration fees do not vary whether students enter year 1, 3 or 4 of the curriculum.

For students who are fluent in French and do not require specific courses before the start of the regular semester:

  • Registration fees : 800 Euros per year*

For students who must follow an intensive French language program and/or specific courses in science before and during their first academic year

  • Registration fees : 800 Euros per year*
  • Initial registration fees : 4500 Euros to be paid only once*

Initial registration fees are to be paid ONLY ONCE regardless of the number of years that students must complete before graduation. Payment must be made before students arrive in France for the intensive French language course and "Official Admission" will not be granted until the initial registration fees have been received by UTT

  • The amounts stated above are approximate figures. They are not legally binding and they are subject to modification.

Entry Requirements

For the engineering degree, international students can be admitted to UTT at 3 different points of entry :

  • YEAR 1 : First year of the Common Core
  • YEAR 3 : Common core of Major studies
  • YEAR 4 : Major studie

All non European students must apply via CampusFrance in order to apply to UTT.

Application package :

All applications must include the following documents:

  • Official transcripts from high school (for students applying for Year 1 of the engineering degree) or university (for students applying for year 3 or 4 of the engineering degree or for the master degree)
  • 2 letters of recommendation written in French or English by teachers in scientific fields
  • A Curriculum Vitae
  • A letter of motivation written by the applicant in French or in English stating their desire to study at UTT and their career objectives
  • An application form

All the official documents (diplomas, transcripts, etc) sent to the UTT must be certified copies. They must be translated in French or English and validated by a French embassy or consulate.

Calendar and procedure for admission

Because of the UTT's semester based system and flexible academic structure students may begin their studies for the engineering degree either in September (Fall semester) or in late February (Spring semester).

Students who have difficulties with the French language or with specific scientific subjects are required to enroll in the UTT's inter semester program in August or late January.

All applications are processed rapidly

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