Graduate Of Statistical And Mathematical Methods Of Analysis

Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics MESI

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Graduate Of Statistical And Mathematical Methods Of Analysis

Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics MESI

Graduate of statistical and mathematical methods of analysis and forecasting economic


Language of instruction: Russian

Today we can safely say that was left virtually no branch of business, wherever required highqualified on economic and mathematical modeling. At the same time every year the market requires more and more complex and qualified solutions.Graduates MESI - economists have analytical thinking, which is based on a deep knowledge of economics, mathematics, statistics, and computer technology.

The specifics of the program - training based on a combination of disciplines that form the core of classical education in economics, applied statistics, econometrics, economic and mathematical modeling.

Competence of the graduate program:

  • compare domestic traditions of reform and development of social and economic institutions with international experience in this field;
  • organize statistical surveys of various social phenomenaprocesses, process, organize and present the results;
  • application of statistical and economic-mathematical methods for the analysis, modeling and forecasting for the socio-economic processes;
  • conduct of statisticaltsenku risk and the objective of consistency, efficiency and impact of socio-economic processes.

Entrance test

Oral examination (Economics)

Specialization (trajectory)

Mathematical Methods of Economic Analysis
Statistical analysis of the economic and social processes
Financial and phovye risks, actuarial calculations


Graduates work in the bodies of state, regional and municipal government, in institutions and organizations engaged in foreign trade activities; banks, pp.APB, investment, advertising and marketing firms and other organizations.

Research Program Manager

Sergei Aivazian Arutyunovich, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Deputy Director of the Central Economics and Mathematics for Science, Deputy Editor of the journal "Economics and Mathematical Methods," Deisssional member of the International Academy of Higher Education, a member of the American Statistical Society and the International Statistical Institute, Laureate of the USSR Council of Ministers (1986), Was awarded the Medal of Honor of the National Congress of French Statisticians (1986) and the Medal of Honor European Econometric Congress (1986), Honored Worker of Science (2002)



Masters programs MESI

Master's degree increases your chances to start a successful career in international business, in major Russian and foreign companies.If you are planning to improve their knowledge and staff positions, the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI) is pleased to invite you to continue education on popular Master's programs.

MESI - one of the four leading economic institutes in Moscow. Education for Master's programs at the university started in 2005. MESI feature - a strong awareness training, and getting stronger economic knowledge.

Advantages of Master MESI

  • Graduates not only undergraduate but also specialties made on a budgetary basis.
  • There are places for getting on a budget basis.
  • Applicants pass only one entrance test (exam on the subject).
  • All master's programs are accredited.
  • Full-time studies - in the evenings after work.
  • Training is carried out on modules (intermediate exams after studying 4.3 disciplines).
  • The delay of the army.
  • Masters MESI get praktikoorientirovannye knowledge.
  • The employment of graduates is guaranteed.

MSc in MESI - this budget high-quality education by expert teachers and researchers of the university.

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Start date
Sept. 2018
2 years
Full time
Russia - Moscow, Moskva
Start date : Sept. 2018
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Sept. 2018
Russia - Moscow, Moskva
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