Graduate Diploma in Information Technology


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Graduate Diploma in Information Technology


Graduate Diploma in Information Technology: The Innovation Track

Please note that students need a Bachelor level to apply to the Graduate program.


Epitech offers a 2-year Graduate-level curriculum in English, open to international students, called Innovation Track.

The aim of the program is to help our students reach a new level of expertise and build their own unique profile by staying in an innovative mindset and turn them into innovative experts able to create the digital world of tomorrow.

The program lasts 2 years. Each student's first year is organized according to their profile, around "compulsory Core courses" and "chosen electives". Students will acquire both technical and methodological knowledge.

During their second year, students will either specialize or diversify their knowledge according to their professional project. Epitech Innovative Projects (EIP) come to an end and students are ready to enter the job market. This year is the end of a cycle and serves as a stepping stone for the student's early career.

The cycle allows for a large choice of electives per semester. These help provide students with new technical abilities and let them become professionals in various areas of expertise. Each student's curriculum is different and custom-built to promote diversity and let students be specialists in their field.

A 6-months long internship, in a company or an incubator, takes place at the end of the curriculum. It serves as a unique springboard for students' career and allows to put their knowledge to work in real-life situations.

1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester 4th Semester SOFT SKILLS (20% - 4 weeks - 12 ECTS) SOFT SKILLS (20% - 4 weeks - 18 ECTS) SOFT SKILLS (50% - 10 weeks - 30 ECTS) INTERNSHIP (6 months - 30 ECTS)

EIP (30% - 6 weeks - 9 ECTS) EIP (50% - 12 weeks - 12 ECTS) EIP (30% - 6 weeks - 9 ECTS)

HARD SKILLS (50% - 10 weeks - [30 ; 50] ECTS) HARD SKILLS (30% - 6 weeks - [18 ; 30] ECTS HARD SKILLS (20% - 4 weeks - [12 ; 20] ECTS)



Core courses

  • Network
  • Web Service Design
  • Database
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Code quality
  • System Administration
  • Electives Hard skills : technical modules Bid Data
<li>Devops</li> <li>Data analysis</li> <li>Distributed systems design</li> <li>Advanced database architecture</li> <li>Artificial intelligence</li>


<li>Devops</li> <li>Distributed systems design</li> <li>Microservices</li> <li>PaaS</li> <li>Web application</li>


<li>Artifical Intelligence</li> <li>Mobile</li> <li>Gaming</li> <li>Virtual Reality/Interactive Experiences</li> <li>User Experience/Design</li>

Digital Security

<li>Introduction to Digital Security</li> <li>Kernel Programming</li> <li>Systems Security</li> <li>Cryptography and Network</li> <li>Organisationnal Security</li>


<li>Kernel Programming</li> <li>Mobile</li> <li>IOT</li>

Soft skills : Cross-functional modules


<li>Strategic development</li> <li>Digital marketing</li> <li>Growth hacking</li>

Personal Development

<li>Shape yourself</li> <li>Professional efficiency</li> <li>Leadership</li>

Project management

<li>Planning ahead</li> <li>Agile Methodologies</li> <li>Scrum/Kanban</li>


<li>General digital law & finance</li> <li>Financial planning/Business plan</li> <li>Fund raising/Incubation</li>

Product management

<li>Ideation/Innovation</li> <li>Design Thinking</li> <li>Lean startup</li>

This list is tentative and classes are subject to availability.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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