Master in Bioinformatics


Program Description

Master in Bioinformatics

In algorithmic biology laboratory headed by Professor Pavel Pevzner, University of California opened a specialized master's program at the algorithmic bionformatike.

Training includes in-depth courses on algorithms and data structures used for the analysis of large data sets, which are obtained by means of modern biotechnological methods.Also included in the training programming, discrete mathematics, the foundations of molecular biology, statistics, machine learning and other more specialized subjects. A detailed program of training is available on the following page.

As a research student under the direction of the laboratory staff involved in solving real problems of bioinformatics.This is the development of algorithms and software systems for the assembly of genomic sequences (de novo genome sequence assembly), as well as theoretical and practical problems in computational proteomics and mass spectrometry.

The program is designed to produce high-quality specialists in bioinformatics algorithmic questions, popular both in science and in industry.


To enter the University Academic allowed those with higher professional education (bachelor's degree, master's or specialist) and passed the entrance test.

Applicants with specialized degrees (physics and mathematics, natural science or engineering degree), pass an interview. The other exams in computer science and mathematics.

Entrance examinations will be held in two rounds - in the spring and summer (one participant takes part in one round). In order to take part in the admission tests, you should submit an electronic application.Completing this form will take a little time and no non-binding, so we urge to fill it right now, as the entrance test held in April, May and early July.



The interview consists of oral and written parts.

At the interview revealed a good knowledge of algorithms and data structures, the ability to solve problems and programming ideas, general mathematical training.Knowledge of molecular biology and experience in real projects / studies for bioinformatics is encouraged but not mandatory.

Examination (for applicants from non-core diplomas) consists of three parts.

A.Questions on knowledge of basic algorithms and data structures. On a positive assessment must correctly answer at least 80% (without long preparation.)
Two. Two theoretical issues - on algorithms and programming.On the positive assessment of need to fully formulate the main results of the two issues, and (for algorithmic problem) cause the necessary evidence. Preparation time 1.5 hours.
Three.The decision of one or more tasks according to the program of the exam. On a positive evaluation is necessary to solve at least half (the time to prepare for 1-2 hours depending on the number of tasks).

Using unauthorized sources during an exam and interview is impossible!



Education is free for those with a bachelor's degree or diploma and have not been previously trained in the magistracy.


For persons with a master's degree, master 's degree is getting the second higher education and therefore is paid. For such cases, the university set tuition fees - 10 thousand rubles.per semester for the citizens of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic and the Republic of Tajikistan. In exceptional cases, tuition and scholarship can be covered by a grant sponsor.


For citizens of other CIS countries pay tuition. In the Academic University for these students tuition fee amounts to 20 thousand rubles. in the semester.

For citizens of other countries, the cost of training is 30 thousandrub. in the semester.

Last updated Apr 2012

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