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Program Description

The growing demand for professionals in the field of corporate image and identity serves two causes.

On the one hand, the need to communicate in an effective, organized and transparent way towards its external and internal audiences; and on the other hand, the emergence of new forms of communication, new channels and supports thanks to information and communication technologies. For this reason, the growing importance of communication in organizations requires specific training in this area. In addition, the constant renewal in the field of corporate identity and image makes it essential for professionals to update their knowledge, as well as to facilitate their contact with structural, methodological and technical innovations that are taking place in the professional field.

The Global Master in Corporate & Digital Communication is designed to train business communication professionals, who accumulate knowledge in an integrated way, in order to provide their organizations with an orderly and coherent communication.

Key points

  1. Ranking The World
    According to El Mundo's “250 Best Masters” ranking, EAE Master in Corporate Communication Management is the best master's degree in the area of Communication taught in Spain.

  2. Eduniversal Ranking
    EAE Master in Corporate Communication Management is highlighted among the 35 best masters in Europe in the area of Communication (“Top 200 Best Masters in Communications Regional Ranking”) according to the “Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking Worldwide 2015-2016” ranking. With these results, EAE Master in Corporate Communication Management has been among the best for 10 years.

  3. Communication 360 residential program
    During the residential period, which will take place between Barcelona and Madrid, the student will receive master classes by experts in sector communication in different areas of communication, workshops related to the course subjects, as well as visits of interest related to business communication .

  4. EAE is a member of the main communication associations in Spain
    Among which are: DIRCOM , ADECEC, CORPORATE EXCELLENCE, AM and AEA. Thanks to these agreements, the program participants enjoy the benefits offered by the associations.

  5. Internationally recognized methodology
    The methodology of EAE Hybrid Learning programs was a semifinalist in the prestigious Reimagine 2015 Teaching Innovation Awards, organized by Wharton, the business school of the University of Pennsylvania (U-Penn).

  6. Cloister of large companies
    One of the great differential factors of this master's degree compared to others is that all its teachers are first-line professionals, who are currently active in top-level companies and institutions. On a daily basis, they manage national, and often international, policies and actions with wide repercussions, and they treasure an insurmountable professional background that they will share with the students.

  7. Communication plan
    One of the key points of the master is the realization of a Communication Plan in the last period of the program. Thanks to this, the student learns to develop a comprehensive and viable corporate communication campaign, or to address communication solutions in real crisis situations.

  8. Advisory Board
    The master's degree curriculum is developed jointly with the Advisory Board of the Marketing and Communication area, made up of 23 professionals from companies such as Unilever, Sony, Mango, Nielsen, Nisan, OgilvyOne, Heineken, Endesa, BP, La Caixa or Dockers, among other.

Requirements and admission

Double Degree

People who successfully complete the program will obtain the title of International Master in Corporate Communication from EAE Business School or the Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid Campus).

In order to obtain the qualifications granted by universities, it is necessary to comply with the requirements that both institutions request.

Admission process

The fundamental objective of our admission process is to ensure the suitability of the candidates, through professional sutrayectoria and academic curriculum. All participants should get the most out of this learning experience, through a context in which it is possible to develop a long-term relationship with classmates, teachers and alumni.

To start the admission process it is necessary to fill in the corresponding form, so that the candidate's profile can be evaluated by our Academic Committee. If the Admission resolution issued by the Academic Committee to the International Master in Corporate Communication is positive, the candidate may formalize his / her registration for this Master.

Professional outings

EAE Business School Career Service is in charge of promoting and serving as a meeting point for students, alumni, collaborating companies and other business groups interested in hiring EAE professionals. Year after year, this Service helps many of our students to start a professional relationship; Banco Santander, Novartis, Dia among others.

Our students are working on:

  • Directors of corporate communication
  • Directors of internal communication
  • Directors of public relations in companies and other organizations
  • Directors of communication and public relations agencies
  • Directors of press and communication offices of national and international public administrations
  • Product communication managers in companies
  • Specialists in corporate social responsibility
  • Financial communication specialists
  • Stakeholder relations specialists
  • Consultants in corporate communication
  • Image consulting
  • Spokesperson for companies and public bodies
Some data from our Employment Report
  • 91% of students find a job within 6 months after completing the master's degree, and 41% find a job before completing the program
  • 70% of students improve their professional situation after graduation
  • 60% increase their salary after going through EAE
  • 6% of EAE students start a business after graduating
Last updated Sep 2020

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EAE is an international Institution of higher education in the field of management. With more than 50 years experience in business education it has provided training for more than 56,000 executives an ... Read More

EAE is an international Institution of higher education in the field of management. With more than 50 years experience in business education it has provided training for more than 56,000 executives and managers. Every year students from more than 45 nationalities gain professional qualification at EAE to hold positions of responsibility within the business world. Read less
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