Film, Television & Digital Media Administration Program

Cambridge Graduate University is designed to provide global leaders with the tools, network, global understandings, and existential logic to have 21st Century global impact. As part of that mission, Cambridge Graduate University provides both the world's only global campus university, and Masters and Doctorate Degrees in Film, Television & Digital Media Program. This program provides global knowledge, prestigious networking and cutting-edge skills for Film, Television & Digital Media professionals, such as successful writers, producers, directors, editors, cinematographers, journalists, animators, educators, and executives.

The degree programs prepare mid-career professionals for executive and leadership roles in the film, television and digital media field. The curriculum is designed to integrate global leadership, global markets and global network, with cutting-edge technology. Themes of innovation, entrepreneurship, narrative, and network are key to this program. Managing risk and rewards, achieving returns on investment, and constant engagement are foundational concepts and skills.

Beyond the core interdisciplinary and business courses of the Cambridge Graduate University curriculum, there are program courses that include "Multi-Media Narrative & Impact," "Technological Innovation," "Production and Distribution," and "Strategic Digital Platform and Markets."

The degree programs will enable you to develop not only advanced skills in strategy and management, but also a sound film, television and digital media management and an understanding of its importance in social, political, economic, cultural and technological respects to national and international strategy and the ability to apply this knowledge to inform decision-making.

The degree programs are designed to provide experienced practitioners in the film, television, and digital media sectors with the advanced business, management and leadership skills needed to function at a strategic level as a contemporary media manager.

The Cambridge Graduate University, College of Business Film, Television & Digital Media Administration Program is tailored to the needs of specific media industry companies or markets, enabling graduates to be highly recruited by employers or to lead their own enterprises.

The MMA, DMA, and Ph.D., in Film, Television & Digital Media Administration curriculum is structured so that scholars will initially gain experience in decision-making for a range of business functions. This fundamental knowledge will then be applied at for strategic media management decisions. Within this content, scholars gain comprehensive knowledge of the theory, practice, and execution of business decisions in the media industry. Finally, the CLIMB (Cambridge Leadership Immersion Method for Business) method will engage scholars in a living project with a media management focus.

CLIMB Method

Scholars will apply the CLIMB (Cambridge Leadership Immersion Method for Business) method and will require active business management of a living, market-based project. The applied nature of this content allows scholars to apply the skills and demonstrate autonomous intellectual inquiry with the ability to create new knowledge and understanding. Scholars will also develop the ability to reflect on practice and to transfer knowledge to other people and contribute to organizational processes.

Transformative Curriculum

The praxis education design integrates rigorous multi-disciplinary Global Immersion Intensives in every major civilization with the knowledge and practical application to your career and vision. In between sessions you will extend what you learn through individual and cohort-based projects, and take the energy and insights from the Global Immersion Intensives into your industry, your institution, your business and your career.

Cambridge Graduate University, College of Business has designed its own practical, active and participatory approach with an emphasis on praxis education. The methodology reflects global market demand for professionals with the ability to adapt and act in the face of rapid global and technological change, to reflect and understand the impact of their actions, and to have the breadth and depth to connect with all business, social, governmental and political cultures and institutions around the globe.

Scholars will be requested to work individually and in groups between the sessions. This will include preparation for forthcoming Global Immersion Intensives, but also course essays, take-home exams, and course projects.

Curriculum Overview

CGU graduate curriculum is based on the thematic thread of Leadership Praxis. Course content and pedagogy are designed to emphasize dialogic strategy, action, and balanced measurement that recognizes, embraces and takes responsibility for the obligation of the practitioner-scholar to shape society and change the world. CGU curriculum is keyed to real global and industry issues presented with comparative global regional perspective by local and international academic and industry experts.

College of Business Core Film, Television & Digital Media Administration Curriculum

The College of Business' core Film, Television & Digital Media Administration curriculum spans an intensive four-academic quarter program (consisting of 28 credits from interdisciplinary core courses and 20 credits from College of Business core courses). The courses designed to furnish students with the necessary concepts and technical tools necessary for the practice of business science. The Masters in Media Administration can be delivered as a stand-alone degree or as component of the track toward a Doctorate in Media Administration (either a DMA or Ph.D.).

Students seeking a Masters or Doctorate in Media Administration or the combined Masters-Doctorate/Ph.D. in Media Administration must first successfully complete the University's Interdisciplinary Core curriculum with Media module breakouts in each course that cover "Multi-Media Narrative & Impact," "Technological Innovation," "Production and Distribution," and "Strategic Digital Platform and Markets" are listed below.

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