• Automation of manufacturing
  • Computer Sciences and Technologies
    The department offers training on the following majors:
    • Software and Internet Technology
    • Computer systems and Technology
    Studies’ curriculum for the first time in Bulgaria is fully in line with international standards for training in computer science and technology. CST Department regularly updates their curricula, thereby allowing the latest achievements in the field of computer science and information technology to be promptly provided to the students. Updating curricula is based on the job market requirements for IT professionals on the most recent recommendations of the IEEE (World Organisation of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) and ACM (Association for computing machinery), and ongoing academic programs of leading universities.

  • Electronic and microelectronic engineering
    Electronic engineering is one of the most high-tech and dynamic fields. It has significant influence and applications in many other scientific and technical fields. With their extensive knowledge and adaptive capacity "Electronics," graduates are well prepared for successful careers in services, manufacturing, consulting and design of electronic components and systems used in industry, medicine, communications, computers, etc. Department "Electronic engineering and Microelectronics" maintains close ties with industry and extensive international contacts. Research and applied research in the department are mainly in Electronic controllers and power electronic converters; Modern technologies for the design of integrated circuits and electronic systems, microprocessor-based control, management and diagnostics systems; Medical electronic equipment for prevention, diagnosis, and therapy; Information and measurement systems, industrial controllers and sensors. Students of "Electronics" can enjoy the rich library of technical periodicals issued by the global organization of engineers in electronics and electrical engineering IEEE. They can obtain through INTERNET additional information on the developments in electronics and other sciences. Laboratories have the latest reference and catalog literature.

  • Communication engineering
    The department is part of the EE Faculty at the Technical University of Varna and is responsible for special training in "Communications Equipment and Technologies" in "Bachelor" and "Master’s" degrees. The Department provides training on specific subjects as well as other subjects and modules in the EE Faculty, and the Technical University - Varna. The department has laboratories equipped with modern measuring instrumentation in the field of communications and computers, in which the lecturers and students can perform training and research work in the following areas: communication circuits, radio waves and radio lines, analog circuitry, antennas and microwave equipment, measurements in communications, optoelectronics and optical communications, digital transmission systems, signal processing, switching and multiplexing technique, radio communication equipment, terminals, television and video, data and computer communications, audio equipment, telecommunications networks, radio navigational instruments, radio finding cable communication lines; sonar equipment.
Program taught in:
  • English

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