Executive MasterPlus in Innovation Entrepreneurship


Program Description

Are you looking for a change in career, or are you thinking about a promotion? Do you have too many commitments as it is, yet you feel the need to develop yourself?

Our Executive MasterPlus in Innovation Entrepreneurship might be just the answer. An intensive programme that can gain you recognised academic credits or professional skills that your employer is looking for. You will enhance your understanding of innovative entrepreneurship from different perspectives.


Innovative Learning

The Executive MasterPlus in Innovation Entrepreneurship is a blended programme, composed of nine modules taught either online or via streaming, plus a final capstone project held online or in our Venice Campus.

When enrolling in our Executive programme, you will have the opportunity to choose when to participate in our webinars or the residential activities from a choice of dates. 

You can learn at your own pace, directly from home, through our innovative e-learning platform. The final capstone project consists of an intensive online project with leading industry experts or an immersive 5 days experience in Venice, where you will be part of an engaging series of talks and workshops with industry leaders.

Because we believe in our Executive programme, you could be awarded academic credits that can be used when applying to one of our postgraduate programmes. 

  • Start Date: 15th September 2020
  • Are there any Application Deadlines? You can register whenever you want!
  • Length of the course: 8 to 12 months Part-Time – depending on your pace
  • Courses: Big Data, Analytics & IoT; Technologies for the Digital Company; Agile & Lean Methodologies for Project Management; Digital Marketing & Customer Experience; Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age; Artificial Intelligence; Digital Transformation Strategy; Blockchain for Managers; Customers in the Digital Organisation; Capstone Project
  • Where: Distance learning and the Capstone Project either online or in Venice
  • Entry Requirements: None!
  • Webinar Dates: These will be communicated soon
  • Price: £2,330 - with Capstone online; £3,261 - with Capstone in presence

Learning Modules

Big Data, Analytics & IoT

The course presents the state of art in how organisations use Big Data, and how it is stored, managed and used. Thus, the Internet of Things will be introduced together with the technologies and tools utilised in Big Data projects, such as sensors, Hadoop and MapReduce, and their practical application.

Technologies for the Digital Company

Modern companies are enabled by technologies that unlock their business potential in several ways. During this course, we will discuss the major technological innovations of our era, such as AI, IoT, machine learning, and how to effectively implement them to transform your business.  

Agile & Lean Methodologies for Project Management

In this course, we will introduce the agile methodology and principles, and how to apply them to increase speed and reduce risks of failure in project management. We will also look at the phases for successful project management, from initiation to conclusion.  

Digital Marketing & Customer Experience

In this course, you will learn about conventional and innovative forms of communications, such as broadcast and print, ambient marketing and digital media, enabling you to better understand how to implement an effective digital marketing strategy. The more traditional forms of marketing will be included as well, to develop a more rounded and comprehensive marketing strategy.  

Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age

During the course, you will learn why business models matter and how these need to be adapted to the modern digital environment to sustain your company’s growth and to gain a competitive advantage in a fast-paced market.  

Artificial Intelligence

This course is an introduction to AI and its application in business for managers. We will discuss how to define AI, how AI came to be so incremental for some companies, and we will look at how AI systems learn.  

Digital Transformation Strategy

In this course, you will learn about the differences between traditional and digital business models, and how technologies can impact and transform your business while capturing value.  

Blockchain for Managers

Today, cryptocurrency is the buzzword in the financial market. However, managers should have a wider understanding and interest than just cryptocurrency.  In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of blockchain, and how this new generation of transactional applications come to be built on trust and transparency.  

Customers in the Digital Organisation

The role of the customer is shifting from its traditional form, into something new, where users are at the very centre of each business step, process and implementation.

Capstone Module

As part of our innovative offer, our Executive MasterPlus is designed to offer you a unique opportunity to get more from your learning journey. After successfully completing the previous modules, you will take part in either an intensive online project with your peers and mentors or an intensive five-days networking and experiential learning marathon in Venice

In case you are ready to join us in our H-Campus in Venice, this event will usually take place during the week, where you will have the opportunity to be involved in experiential labs and workshops.

Such events will be held for two a year, so you can choose a time that is most convenient for you.

You can choose to purchase one of the following Capstone modules: 

  • An intensive online course, with live webinars in streaming organised by leading industry professionals, during which you will give life to a real business idea or
  • An immersive 5 days experiential learning, immersed in the bucolic Venice Campus, where you can meet international entrepreneurs, mentors and academics, in a series of talks and workshops to build your entrepreneurial mindset. You will participate in group activities to test out a business idea.


The Executive MasterPlus in Innovation Entrepreneurship is priced at £2,330 with the option of the online Capstone Project, otherwise at £3,261. The fees cover the learning materials, assessment, webinars, as well as the residential module. If you enrol in the Program with the experiential Capstone Project in Venice, the price includes your accommodation and lunches in Venice as well.

Please note that, if you do not complete all core modules, you won’t be able to enrol in the Capstone Module, nor achieve a certificate of completion for the programme.


Everyone that has some working experience can enrol in our Executive MasterPlus in Innovation Entrepreneurship, you do not need to meet specific academic entry requirements nor is an in-depth knowledge of the subject required. Our programme has been designed to help you navigate through the topic while deepening your understanding and enhancing a reflective approach in practising what you have learnt.  

Last updated Jul 2020

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