Executive Master in Real Estate Management

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Executive Master in Real Estate Management

Antwerp Management School

Executive Master in Real Estate Management

Real estate is not only one of the most important sectors of our economy, but also one of the most rapidly growing ones. Real estate is a multidisciplinary and competitive business, where actors with differing interests are brought together. The Master in Real Estate Management (MRE) course offers necessary insights and skills to better understand and grasp the complex matter that is real estate.

Antwerp Management School is Academic Member of the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA).
Antwerp Management School is partner of the Vlaamse Vereniging voor ruimte en planning (VRP).
The MRE course is accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Why follow this program at Antwerp Management School?

This MRE course provides a strong foundation linked with practice. Following this course will leave a mark on your way of thinking and acting and in your decision-making process. The MRE distinguishes itself by its:

  • An academic approach to real estate: the academic foundation is built by (inter)national professors.
  • A unique mix of theory and practice, with specialization in Real Estate Finance, theories being applied to practice, for example, value measurement methods and feasibility analysis are being implemented in Excel.
  • Maximal knowledge and experience exchange thanks to the participation of university real estate professionals with differing backgrounds and functions. Every participant departs from his own expertise and personally built experiences tests these on others and delivers a contribution to the learning process.
  • Access to the alumni association RES, Real Estate Society (RES), further training and the international real estate network of the RICS.

This course is acknowledged as continuous education by the Orde van Vaamse Balies.

Eduniversal Master Ranking 2014-2015
TOP 100 - Global ranking
Ranked N°65 in Real Estate Management, Worldwide

What can you expect?

Content level: deepening expertise.

After attending this program

  • You will have deepened and broadened your knowledge of sub-areas of real estate.
  • You will be able to execute and assess the value of real estate objects and projects in an integrated way.
  • You will be able to execute and implement feasibility studies, estimation assignments, risk-return tradeoffs and wallet optimizations in Excel supported by arguments.
  • You will be able to value real estate projects taking risk factors into account.
  • You will be able to provide expert advice regarding real estate investments.
  • You will be able to identify and explain new real estate tendencies and developments.
  • You will be able to indicate financial-economical themes within real estate and provide solutions for them.
  • You will be able to expand on the market analysis in a professional way.
  • You will be able to better assess the positions and interests of all stakeholders in a real estate project.
  • You will have gained insight into in the principles of operational real estate management.
  • You will have sharpened your personal management skills.
  • You will have a better understanding to function more efficiently within the real estate organization in which you operate.
  • You can pass on all acquired knowledge within your organization and contribute to the strategy clause, efficiency and profitability of your organization.
  • You will have gained perspective on career possibilities and further expansion of your career in real estate (nationally or internationally).

Dublin descriptors and learning results Master in Real Estate Management.


Starts: 30th of September 2016
Duration: 2 years, part-time
Always on Fridays from 14:00-17:30 (occasionally a full day from 9:00 – 17:30) and on Saturdays from 9:00-12:30. In the 2nd year, 1 or 2 seminars will be established on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning.


€14900 (VAT exempted)
Includes: documentation, books, catering. The billing can be split over 2 years.
Following modules from the 1st year can be followed separately:

  • Real estate markets and location: €4700 (21% VAT excl.)
  • Real estate law: €4700 (21% VAT excl.)
  • Study of Valuation: €4700 (21% VAT excl.)


Antwerp Management School
Sint-Jacobsmarkt 9-13
BE-2000 Antwerp


You have a masters’ degree, sufficient foreknowledge of real estate and at least 3 years of relevant practice experience in the real estate sector.


“Master in Real Estate Management” is a MaNaMa officially acknowledged by the government. Successfully finishing finals will award you’re the degree of “Master in Real Estate Management”. This course is accredited by the RICS.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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This course is Campus based
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Start date
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2 years
Part time
14,900 EUR
Belgium - Antwerp, Flanders
Start date : Sept. 2019
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Sept. 2019
Belgium - Antwerp, Flanders
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