Executive Master in Quality Systems and Agri-food Safety


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Program Description


The Master in Quality and Agri-food Safety Systems trains professionals who have the skills to work in regional, provincial and municipal structures that deal with quality control and food safety and in private production facilities in the agri-food sector.

The development of food businesses, EU regulations and legislation, give manufacturers and suppliers the task of providing consumers with safe and healthy food. Figure of the food safety auditor and quality control responsible for the design, development, implementation and hygiene audit system and food safety is increasingly central.

The companies that need the RSAQ are those in which food is present, from preparation to storage, transport, sale and finally administration; for this reason the RSAQ will have to know the methods of carrying out food productions and be able to identify in advance the potential risks to the detriment of the consumer's health. The food industry operator's responsibility is a cornerstone of the new food legislation, which reverses the previous set-up, the primary burden of guaranteeing food safety.

Thus the central role is played in today's production system in which food safety is understood as the Food Safety Chain, or interconnection of responsibilities of all the stakeholders (actors) of the production system in ensuring a high safety profile to the process and indirectly to the product intended for the consumer.


The training course includes the attendance of preparatory modules for the qualification exams: "Auditor / Lead Auditor of Quality Management Systems", "Internal Food Safety Auditor ISO 22000" and "Course for the qualification of internal Auditor for international standards of the chains distribution. " Outgoing skills are highly professional as the Quality Management Systems Auditor qualification module is certified by KHC (Know How Certification srl), an ACCREDIA accredited body for the qualification of courses and professional figures, while the Food Safety Auditor and Auditor modules Internal for international standards distribution chains are managed with NSF Italy srl.

The course will also address issues related to the development of new certifications required by Italian and foreign large-scale retail trade: BRC, IFS.

The program is structured to provide a view of the general structure of the standards and reference protocols in order to allow identifying the main steps to be taken to correctly set up a Business Management System, whether aimed at compliance with international standards (ISO 9001; ISO 22000) than the standards required by the Large Distribution (BRC, IFS).


Module 1. Course for the Qualification of Internal Auditor of HACCP Self-Control Systems (NSF ITALY CERTIFICATE)

Module 2. Course for the Qualification of Auditor / Lead Auditor of Quality Management Systems: analysis of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard (KHC QUALIFIED CHECKFRUIT CERTIFICATE)

Module 3. Course for the qualification of "Internal auditor for international distribution chain standards": analysis of the BRC and IFS standards (NSF ITALY CERTIFICATE)

Module 4. Course for the Internal Food Safety Auditor qualification: analysis of the ISO 22000 standard (NSF ITALY CERTIFICATE)


Over the years we have achieved employment placement equal to 92% of trainees, KHC certificate. The Management Academy Sida Group, using the wide range of networked companies, will offer the participant who will request it:

• Drafting of the placement sheet

• Research of Training Internship

• Organization and support for interviews with companies

• Internship quality monitoring and control

• Final feedback.

There is also an ancillary Job Training grant, a service that offers a series of tools, training and information actions, advice and assistance to accompany the person in the construction of his own professional project.

The Job Training develops in the following steps:

• I know my talents;

• The channels of personal communication;

• Public speaking;

• Personal performance during the selection interview;

• Active job search tools;

• How to build a successful CV;

• Video CV;

• The Linkedin profile;

• How to become the influencer of your BRAND;

• Self-employment and self-employment (video lessons).

118435_KHC-MARCHION.reg.121-17.jpgCERTIFICATE N ° / CERTIFICATE NO.121 / 2017

Upcoming Editions

  • Verona: June 2019
  • Ancona: June 2019
  • Rome: July 2019
  • Bologna: October 2019
  • Verona: November 2019

Duration and Frequency

92 hours of class 3/6 months of Training Internship (Optional)

  • Friday from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 18
  • Saturday from 9 to 13

Possibility of frequency in live streaming formula

Roles and Competences

Professional roles

  • Quality management and food safety management system auditor
  • Quality manager'
  • Laboratory technician (food products)
  • Laboratory manager (agri-food products)


Some teachers of the rose:

CRISTINA PANARA - Corporate Finance Division. Expert in the analysis, development and drafting of financial plans in the field of grants and subsidized finance at national and European level, with particular reference to the themes of R

ING. SIMONE TOMBOLESI - Technical Manager of Alno Environmental Managers categories 1.4.5 Waste collection and transport, 9 "Site Reclamation". Qualified as ISO14001 AUDITOR and Manager for Asbestos Remediation. Trainer qualified on work safety and Specialist in confined spaces or suspected pollution DPRn 177 of 14 September 2011.

FABRIZIO PASSAMONTI - Senior consultant, since 1985, expert in economic-financial planning, management control, industrial accounting, profitability analysis and corporate strategy. Tutor in the start-up phases of the company and in the generational passages. Lecturer with many years of experience in numerous masters, business courses, seminars. Professional experiences: Bontempi, Gel, Ragni, Falmar, Romagnoli, Albanian Cooperative, OAM Carloni, Roccheggiani, Joycare, Euronics (Cerioni Group), Lucesole, Plast 2000, Banca Marche, Marche Cooperative Credit Cooperative Federation and Public Administration Bodies.

FILIPPO UGOLINI - Creator of the Master on Innovative Waste Management and Circular Economy promoted by Sida in collaboration with Legambiente. He was president of the Fifth Council Municipal Commission of Ancona and he acted as project manager in waste treatment companies for innovative protocols related to the Circular Economy. Enabled Role Technical Manager for Waste Management Cat. 8 pursuant to Resolution no. 06 / ALBO / CN dated 30/05/2017 of the National Committee of the Register.


Following the training the student, through participation in active lessons, corporate cases, project work, role playing, group work supervised by teachers and tutors, will acquire the following knowledge, tools and skills:

  • Know the evolution of food product certification standards;
  • Orientation in the mandatory legislation and in the field of food product labeling;
  • Implement a self-control manual according to the HACCP method;
  • To know the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and to the hygienic norms of the personnel assigned to the handling of food products;
  • Know the methods of accreditation, the certification of food products and the principles of quality management;
  • Know the requirements and criteria for compliance with the ISO 9001: 2008 and UNI EN ISO 19011: 2012 standards;
  • Elaborate audit programs, an audit plan, a checklist; document audit of a Quality Management Manual;
  • Know the process of communication, performance and closure of company audit processes;
  • Know the IFS v.6 standard, scoring system and certification rating;
  • Know the requirements and compliance criteria, as well as the IFS certification process;
  • Know the BRC v.6 standard, its evolution and the certification process;
  • Know the UNI EN ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management Systems) standards, 22002-01 and 22003;
  • Know the ISO 22000 certification process and auditing techniques.



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