Executive Master in Management and Performance Control


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Program Description

Management and Performance Control

  • Develop a strategic and integrated vision of the business, anchored in Management and Performance Control , with a view to creating value.
  • Analyze the main trends in the design of Performance Evaluation and Management Control models.
  • To learn the fundamental tools, techniques and instruments for mastering the criteria and methods for assessing the performance of organizations.
  • Develop skills that provide executives with sensitivity so that they can apply, in a practical and effective way, the knowledge acquired, contributing to the reinforcement of a culture of rigor and excellence in the management of organizations.
  • Stimulate the practical application of the skills developed through the design and promotion of Management and Performance Control Assessment models in real organizational contexts.


  • Managers, middle and senior staff of organizations, responsible for the areas of planning, management control, accounting and finance.
  • Responsible for business units, or responsibility centers, auditors, controllers, consultants, ROC and ROC candidates.
  • Professionals, current or potential, responsible for the construction, execution and control of budgets.
  • Executives wishing to acquire, update or deepen knowledge in this area, namely in the definition of objectives and respective monitoring.

What distinguishes this program

  • It addresses Management and Performance Control, in an integrated perspective, in order to support the achievement of the strategic vision and the execution of the organizations' business strategy.
  • It is based on the deepening of the main themes, at the level of Management Control, supported by cutting-edge tools and instruments for monitoring organizational performance .
  • It develops the skills and knowledge necessary to measure the creation of value, globally and by segment, in a multidimensional perspective, conceiving an adequate performance reporting .
  • It allows diagnosing the systems in operation and conducting a survey of future needs, in a correct and precise manner, with a view to implementing a true performance management culture in organizations.
  • It stimulates the design, development and implementation of instruments for measuring, monitoring, evaluating and managing the performance of managers and the performance of organizations.
  • It provides contact with a faculty of excellence , which combines a permanent link to business reality with academic qualification and the production of knowledge in the areas of planning and management control.

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Program structure

Course Units

  • Management Control Framework
  • Management Strategy and Control
  • Financial Performance and Accountability
  • Financial Performance Analysis
  • People Management and Organizational Behavior
  • Planning, Budgeting and Control
  • Project Management Control
  • Project Financing
  • Corporate Tax Management
  • Performance Evaluation and Incentives
  • Management Control of Economic Groups
  • Modeling Management Control Systems
  • Management and Total Quality Control


  • A good command of the English language is recommended, used by some speakers and the main language of the bibliography.
  • The program may undergo changes and its implementation is subject to a minimum number of participants.

What does it require?

  • Graduation.
  • Minimum professional experience of two years.
  • Maturity, challenge awareness and motivation.

Selection criteria

  • Evaluation of the Curriculum Vitae .
  • Interview with Program Director.
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