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Program Description

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In an increasingly globalized and competitive world, where the present and the future of companies are in foreign markets, the EMIB program provides a solution to the growing demand for professional expertise in international affairs and foreign trade.

Intended to train professionals capable of leading companies with a presence in international markets, the main goal of this 14-course online program is to provide participants with the necessary skills in the many strategic areas of a company active on the international markets. international markets.

Are you ready for the challenge?

We will train you as a professional and provide you with the best analysis tools. In practice, you will acquire all the skills necessary for the management and administration of an international company.

You will acquire the skills and techniques necessary for communication, management and negotiation in a global context.

  • Practice the challenges of the latest international management trends by taking on the role of an executive decision maker in real business scenarios.
  • Train yourself and develop the skills to lead a business in a multicultural environment through exercises and situations where you will experience the challenge of working in a global context, alongside different cultures.
  • Share your experiences: Always accompanied by high-level teachers from a variety of disciplines, share with participants from around the world and share your knowledge and experiences through practical, educational and interactive educational media.


9 fundamental courses

  • Strategy
  • Intercultural management
  • marketing
  • Business Internationalization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Project management
  • Negotiation

5 specialized courses

To choose from the list below:

  • Economics for Management
  • Innovate and Undertake
  • Operations Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Management Control
  • Operations and Management
  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  • Corporate Finance
  • Big Data and Connected Objects

Application Criteria

  • Bachelor / Master degree and
  • 2 years of professional experience related to the program

Documents to attach

  • Copy Degree of License / Master
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Cover letter
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of ID / Passport
  • Photo in jpg format

Important: Students who are required to authenticate their documents can begin the course before obtaining the authenticated documentation, and must submit the documents in the first year in order to have their credits validated.



Eric Kouessi Sossou

Head of Corporate Banking Department, African Bank for Industry and Commerce (BAIC)

Repub. from Benin / West Africa

" This program has changed my life, my way of seeing things ... I see big now"

"The quality of the EMIB faculty is unbeatable: all are highly experienced professionals and experts in various fields. Being part of the EMIB has greatly influenced my daily work. I have acquired a lot of new knowledge and tools in management, finance, strategy, business planning and many other aspects. My way of thinking has also changed: I am now a critical thinker, who has a new way of planning my activities and seeing things in a more strategic way. I see big now! "


Riccardo Mariani

Project Manager
Fondazione Italia Uganda Onlus


" I will recommend the EMIB program to ambitious people who want to improve their professional situation"

"One of the added values of this program is the fact that I was able to put into practice what I learned almost immediately. This gave me a huge professional boost. Another added value is the multinationality and multiculturalism of EMIB. There are many people from different countries and it helps a lot to get different perspectives and ways of doing things. In addition, the personal experience of other participants and the opportunity to create closer relationships with faculty is an important value of EMIB. "

Last updated Oct 2020

About the School

Established in 1819, ESCP is the oldest business school in the world. Its mission is to develop the next generation of transnational business leaders, preparing them to embrace the opportunities offe ... Read More

Established in 1819, ESCP is the oldest business school in the world. Its mission is to develop the next generation of transnational business leaders, preparing them to embrace the opportunities offered by cultural diversity. Read less
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