Executive Master in Hotel Management & Digital Tourism 4.0


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Program Description

Background & Situation

Tourism is definitely an area in strong and continued progress. It’s really important to gain updated managerial skills and to have the right instruments and to be competitive. To interpret this market demand and conduct an analysis of the needs, Sida Group organizes an Executive Master entirely dedicated to the hospitality through acquired technical and practical skills that necessary to be prepared and in line with today’s context today. The Master aims to train a professional figure to become Hotel Manager. And ensure the candidates know how to play an important role within a hotel, able to add value to the company and not simply used to cover operational roles. The master prepares the candidates to the industry.


The Executive Master in Hotel Management & Digital Tourism has the goal which is to train specialized profiles in the field of Hospitality. The master is also for staff working in a hotel, and hold positions of responsibility. The strategic variable for the success and value added to the hotel industry is the professionalism of human resources, in the knowledge of the sectors or functions of the hotel and its interconnections system. The Master wants to prepare professionals with high problem-solving skills that take advantage of opportunities to increase profitability and visibility.

of the hotel. In the era of Experiential tourism is no longer enough to meet all the needs of guests, but it is absolutely necessary to go beyond their needs. To accomplish it, it is necessary to take care of every single detail in the management of the hotel and ensures a quality service. The training program of excellence proposed is unique on the national scene because it promotes an entrepreneurial vision and management in the hospitality industry, bridging the gap between the demand and the market supply. The training course has support from the company and on the role that the candidate will be called to fill in the step of placement, to ensure that during the experience, learning by doing, is able immediately to create added value. All is to maximize the opportunities for integration.


  • Module 1: Management of Hospitality industry
  • Module 2: Innovative marketing, strategic management
  • Module 3: Front office, sales techniques, and customer relations
  • Module 4: Housekeeping management
  • Module 5: Digital Tourism
  • Module 6: Revenue Management
  • Module 7: Focus: Food & Beverage
  • Module 8: Focus: Event Management
  • Module 9: Focus: Wellness & Spa Management
  • Module 10: Management Software, in collaboration with Serenissima Informatica in Padova
  • Module 11: Safety and prevention in the workplace

Duration and Attendance

124 hours of training/lessons + 6-month formative internship

Next Edition

  • Ancona: November 2019
  • Rome: October 2019
  • Bologna: July 2019
  • Verona: July 2019

Plus & Certification


  • Internship opportunity for high-quality companies.
  • Experienced trainers currently operating on specific issues.
  • Case study, testimonial and real project work for the partner companies.
  • On request, coaching and mentoring in the company through guarantee and paid internship.
  • Support for the internship search thanks to our huge partners' network.
  • Assignment of scholarship to outstanding candidates.
  • Possibility to attend seminars connected to the study program.
  • full multimedia and depth educational support with possible workshop and activities.
  • Oriental coaching.


At the end of the training, the participant will acquire:

  • Certificate of Attendance in the Master Course
  • Certificate of Acquired Skills
  • Certificate of Participation in English Course Abroad (if attended)
  • Certificate of Workplace Safety and Prevention (General Form)



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Since 1985, Sida Group plays a leading role in providing business strategy, corporate consultancy, managerial training, recruitment and selection. With 1,500 trainers, coaches and professionals, over ... Read More

Since 1985, Sida Group plays a leading role in providing business strategy, corporate consultancy, managerial training, recruitment and selection. With 1,500 trainers, coaches and professionals, over 28 training programs, 11 locations in Italy, and 1,900 candidates placed in partner companies for an internship in 2016, Sida Academy is in the top 10 consulting companies in Italy. Read less
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