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Executive Master in Hotel Management and Catering

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October 2019


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In a global context and in perpetual evolution, the Executive Master in Hotel Management and Catering in part time aims to complete and enrich the educational journey of professionals and managers of the tourism and hotel sector.

This training aims at forging to the efficient management of companies of the field of the reception or Hospitality Management , namely the hotel establishments or catering. It focuses in particular on the management and control of the structural characteristics of a company's production units, as well as on the ability to confront new concepts and tools, whether from a national or a national point of view. international.

Key words: Effective decision making and active use of new technologies.

This specialized and largely market-oriented program cultivates the desire for deepening and expertise of its beneficiaries.

The Executive Master Program in Hotel Management and Catering is part of the summer developed in collaboration with the operational and institutional actors of the sector in order to provide a response to the issues related to the development and growth of the sector. on the other hand, and the needs of the labor market.


The Executive Master in Hotel Management and Catering in part time aims to deepen your specialization to make you an expert in hotel management and catering management.

At the end of your career, you will be managers with the following skills, abilities and values:

  • Familiarity with the hotel and catering industry: through an international perspective and a business-oriented approach to the business, you will gain a solid base of knowledge of the hotel and restaurant industry, in terms of policies, procedures, practices and experiences in the fields of tourism, hospitality and recreation.
  • Global vision: through its doubly international and entrepreneurial scope, this Executive Master aims to train managers able to effectively manage hotel and catering companies nationally and internationally.
  • Development of strategic plans: to provide you with key tools for the development and operational application of strategic plans at the national and international levels, in tourist environments.
  • Innovation and sustainable management: thanks to a training both global and specialized, you will be able to develop both your creativity and innovation, but also a sustainable management approach to the sector.
  • Managerial and personal skills: acquire the necessary skills to manage optimally, a team in a participative, serene and favorable environment.

Benefits of the program

Ostelea Rabat designed its training program taking into account the reality and needs of the market.

That's not all ! Ostelea Rabat also relied on the Group's expertise in training to develop a program that is faithful to the school's promise: training that is largely oriented towards the reality of the sector from a practical point of view.

So, choose the Executive Master in Hotel Management

  • Strategic partnerships developed with industry players: academics, institutions and companies.
  • Networking: thanks to the meeting cycles with hotel and catering managers as well as international experts in the sector, students will be able to build their own network of professional relations
  • Focus on "Revenue Management" through Business Games: this cutting-edge marketing domain is particularly studied within this program, particularly through the practical vision of the Business Games
  • Case studies: in order to improve students' ability to make decisions but also to develop their creativity, analytical skills, oral communication
  • Participation in events related to the sector: during their course, students will participate in fairs, congresses, exhibitions and thematic conferences.
  • Multicultural faculty: Courses are taught by national and international faculty, as well as industry experts and consultants.
  • Development of "soft skills": students benefit from a cycle of coaching and personal development allowing them to improve their managerial capacities and their leadership.

Career opportunities

The Executive Master Diploma in Hotel Management and Part-Time Restoration allows you to access the following positions and institutions:

  • Director of hotel and catering company.
  • Head of operational departments within hotel chains.
  • Head of hotel division within a group or a holding company.
  • Head of the Food Division
  • Supervisor of centers within communities.

Training content

The Executive Master Program in Hotel Management and Part-Time Restoration consists of 5 modules:

  • Structure and financing of the tourism sector: international vision;
  • Talent
  • Strategic management and operational management in the hospitality and catering sectors: international vision;
  • Hotel marketing, restaurant marketing and marketing;
  • Graduation thesis.

The process of learning the various subjects and themes, will end with the writing of a final work that will consist of the development of a Business Plan or a Product Plan or a Plan of Innovation for a hotel or catering company or other companies in the sector. The work will be done in groups of maximum 3 students under the supervision of a tutor specialized in the chosen field.

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