Executive Master in Digital Marketing


Program Description

Digital marketing has become so important today that familiarity with the subject is indispensable, even for those who plan to perform broader functions such as marketing manager, brand manager, market researcher, strategic planner, creative director, planner or senior executive in an advertising agency.

The Executive Master's singularity in Digital Marketing lies in the combination of a structured approach to the subject and a selection of faculty with experience in companies at the forefront of digital marketing that not only dominate the central concepts of this area but also its practical application to business reality .

This executive program is also an opportunity for those who want to consolidate their skills in this critical area for success in contemporary markets, in order to make the most of digital marketing tools in their daily professional activity.

Main benefits:

  • Executive Master of 272h;
  • Access to the Master in Digital Marketing;
  • Association of the most important theoretical conceptual models to the practical dimension and reality of organizations;
  • More than two-thirds of practical design, seminars, practical and laboratory classes;
  • Practical project that accompanies the student from the first class to the end;
  • Teachers with academic and professional experience;
  • Sharing experiences and networking;
  • Laboratories and practice of:
  • SEM, SEO and Adwords eMailling
  • Google Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Data Exploitation
  • Design Thinking
  • Project management
  • Participants will benefit from up-to-date and realistic exposure to the most relevant principles and practices for those who want to make the most of digital marketing tools.


  • Professionals in the field of marketing, sales, communication, advertising and information systems that deal with the areas of digital marketing and social media or who wish to be responsible in these areas.
  • Professionals who are starting their digital marketing career or want to deepen their knowledge.

Continuing Studies For Academic Master's:

Upon completion of the Executive Master, the student will be able to complete one more academic year and the dissertation to obtain the Master's degree in the same area of ​​study.

Patron: Pedro Salgueiro, Nestlé Marketing Consultant and former Digital Business Excellence

The Executive Master in Digital Marketing is a course of the highest relevance given the comprehensiveness of the subjects that make up your study plan. Structured in an integrated and evolutionary way through several modules, ranging from the definition of Digital Strategy, through the fundamental pillars of Content and its generation, of Relationship and Interaction, ending in the Transaction (e-commerce) and Digital Business Models.
With a strong theoretical-practical component that covers all the current concepts of Digital Marketing, this executive program also includes the elaboration of an assisted practical project, as well as several Add-ons.


This course allows participants to gain the knowledge necessary for career advancement in marketing, communication and advertising.

Last updated Mar 2020

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