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Program Description

Are you ready to develop your entrepreneurial leadership skills?

In the digital era, we are witnessing a democratisation of competition and a constant need for change. With infinitely scalable computing, talent can be acquired on-demand, manufacturing and distribution are only a click away.

Companies — be it a corporation or a start-up — have to constantly ask themselves, “What business am I in?” and “How can we create on-demand high-quality experiences?”. To identify, create and deploy opportunities that have an impact and to reinvent business, we need entrepreneurs and that respective mindset at any level in any kind of organization.

ESCP Europe's Executive Master in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership (EMDIEL) sets out to unleash this awareness and to develop the necessary skills for conceptualization and entrepreneurial leadership. The capability to shape and steer a course is equally important to a corporate intrapreneur, as it is to entrepreneurs seeking to launch or grow businesses, to family business successors, internal venture project managers or specialists such as engineers or professionals seeking to re-orient their careers.

To achieve these goals, we created a part-time global Executive Master Programme, based in Berlin. The programme takes 15 months to complete, followed by a period of three months to write the thesis. The programme is divided into five modules of one to two weeks, including sessions at three European ESCP Europe locations and two global immersions in China and the USA. At the end of the programme, you will receive the degree “Master in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership”.

In each module, state-of-the-art Business and Entrepreneurial Open Learning is iterated by leading academics and top professionals acting in teams (Tandem Learning & Teaching). Real-life hands-on projects, events and the management of a community around your project combine conceptual and experiential learning through discovery and practical application of the digital innovation and entrepreneurial leadership toolbox.

You can see more about our current cohort and stay up to date with events and news through our Facebook page.

Take-Home Values of the Programme

  • An opportunity-centred mindset for capitalizing on and executing ideas.
  • Tangible advancement on a venture through discovery and concrete application of the innovation and entrepreneurship toolbox (conceptual and experiential learning).
  • Mastery of key entrepreneurial methods; e.g. lean startup; design thinking; effectuation; bricolage and bootstrapping; pivoting and disruption.
  • Social media savvy & mastery of the digital toolbox
  • Experience a maximum diversity of tutors, mentors, and participants, from arts, design, science and business worlds (tandem learning & teaching).
  • Experience and become part of the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute: an innovative and experiential pedagogy, a programme of incubation (Blue Factory) and a strong foothold in the local entrepreneurial ecosystems.
  • A solid network between leading corporations and the startup scene in Germany, Europe and beyond. Easy access to media and financing partners for deal flow acceleration.
  • A personal network for life: coaching, mentoring, business opportunities, access to events, homecomings.
  • Radical personal and leadership growth

Target Group

Our Executive Master Programme welcomes participants from diverse educational backgrounds with a minimum of three years of professional experience.

This could be:


Internal venture project managers and talents within a company having an interest in / responsibility for innovation and new business creation.


Specialists seeking to re-orientate their career — engineers, scientists, physicians, professionals, designers, media specialists.


Entrepreneurs, family business successors and venture project managers seeking to launch or grow businesses.

We foster a diversity of backgrounds in our programmes. It allows the participants to learn from each other, build a lifelong network and understand the power of open innovation and knowledge, coconstruction in teams and organizations.



Experience an intense immersion into the digital and entrepreneurship universe

Five modules at three ESCP locations and two global immersions starting in April will lead you through the sometimes unconventional digital innovation and entrepreneurial tools and methods to open your entrepreneurial mind and shape your leadership capabilities.

Module 01

Essentials and Advances in Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship


  • Introduction to digital entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Technological fundamentals of digital innovation
  • Entry forms to innovation and entrepreneurship

Additional Features:

  • Meet your mentor
  • Project incubation in ESCP Europe’s Blue Factory
  • Pitch-training and event
  • Introduction to Coding and Design

Berlin: Rescheduled to 5th October 2020 due to the current outbreak of Coronavirus

Module 02

International Entrepreneurship


  • Business model validation & beta testing in China
  • International entrepreneurship strategies – doing business in China

Additional Features:

  • Meet Shanghai-based start-ups and successful entrepreneurs
  • Introduction to Chinese business culture

Shanghai: TBC

Module 03

Digital Transformation: Prototyping, Business Modelling, Venture Growth


  • Prototyping for Entrepreneurs
  • Business Models for the digital age
  • Scale-up of Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Driving and managing growth

Additional Features:

  • Introduction to coding and design
  • Incubation in the Paris Blue Factory infrastructure
  • Active immersion in and contribution to the ESCP Europe Entrepreneurship Festival

• Become part of ESCP Europe’s entrepreneurs' network in Paris

Paris/London: TBC

Module 04

The World’s Most Powerful Venture Community


  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Entrepreneurial finance & execution

Additional Features:

  • Silicon Valley @ work: catch a glance of the world’s most powerful venture community
  • Visit of innovation leading companies

Silicon Valley: TBC

Module 05

Looking Back and Ahead


  • Advancing Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Trends and Challenges in digital innovation
  • Research Methods

Additional Features:

  • Project incubation in ESCP Europe’s Blue Factory
  • Final project pitch

Berlin: 14.06.21 – 25.06.21


Admission Requirements & Application

Ongoing application process. Due to the limited number of places, please, get in touch with the Programme Coordinator (Olga Perfilyeva, operfilyeva@escp.eu) to receive information about the availability of the places.

The Executive Master Programme welcomes participants from diverse educational backgrounds. Your profile should fit the following criteria:

  • Graduate degree in any discipline (Bachelor or higher; minimum of 210 ECTS)
  • Business administration knowledge recommended
  • at least 3 years of professional work experience
  • Proficiency in English

Admission Procedure

Our admission procedure has the following steps

  1. assessment call/meeting with Programme Coordinator
  2. submission of online application form
  3. admission interview with Programme Directors, Faculty
  4. confirmation of enrolment and payment of tuition fees
The following documents must be submitted in the online application form.
  1. A one-page letter of motivation including, a short description of a project idea or question you would like to work on or develop during the master programme
  2. A recent CV
  3. Copies of all diplomas and degree awards (Bachelor, Master, etc.) with full grade transcripts
  4. Documents confirming proficiency in the English language (in case the Bachelor or Master degree was studied in English we consider candidate proficient in English)

Admission Calendar

The start of the programme is annually in April.

Fees & Scholarships

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are set at €29,800 for the 2020/2021 academic year. This includes breaks and evening activities. Travel and accommodation expenses are the participant’s responsibility.


We provide scholarships for e.g. women, entrepreneurs or NGO/Non-for-profit Organisations taking part in the programme and committing time, know-how and resources to build an active and inspiring community around our Master. Our partner Brain Capital offers the "Study now, pay later" option.

Last updated Apr 2020

About the School

As a state-recognised university, ESCP counts among the most prestigious and leading business schools in Germany. ESCP regularly occupy top spots in both national and international rankings (#1 Europe ... Read More

As a state-recognised university, ESCP counts among the most prestigious and leading business schools in Germany. ESCP regularly occupy top spots in both national and international rankings (#1 European business school in Germany, #1 Master in Management, #1 Executive MBA and #1 in Custom Executive Education in Germany). In Berlin, ESCP has particular expertise in 3 academic Key areas, namely sustainability, entrepreneurship and digitalization with a foundation of international management. Companies such as Accenture, Bain, Bayer, Coca-Cola, and P&G closely collaborate with us and stay in continuous contact due to the quality of our faculty, their research as well as the top quality of our students and alumni. Read less
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