Executive Master in Commercial Management and Marketing


Program Description

"Neither the strongest nor the most intelligent survive but those who respond most positively to change."

Charles Darwin.

In a highly competitive business environment, the key is to know how to adapt to each situation, to know how to anticipate and differentiate from the rest. If you are looking for a qualitative leap in your professional life, or change your career or become a great Marketing and Sales professional, the key is to have the best training and share experiences with the best professionals in the area.

The Executive Master in Business Management and Marketing at CESMA Business School is the key tool if you want to progress and consolidate your professional life. Through this master's degree, you will receive a solid formation in both the Marketing Area and the Commercial Area to be one of the best professionals in the sector.

You will know the strategic variables of Marketing, how to understand consumer behavior, the importance of communication in Marketing, applied CRM, planning techniques and media buying, and you will be updated on the most current Marketing concepts and techniques. -Business, aware of the importance it is charging in our days.


The objectives of the Executive Master in Commercial Management and Marketing, are focused on updating the student-professional, the knowledge acquired in his professional life and the new market techniques in the management of the company, based on the development of business strategies, which dominate decision making in today's business environment.

The demands of the market and society, as well as the transformation of the Spanish and multinational companies and the evolution of the business units within them, force Marketing and Sales professionals to constantly renew and update their content. , techniques and instruments that allow them to face an increasingly competitive and globalized scenario.

The Executive Master in Commercial Management and Marketing of CESMA Business School , provides participants with knowledge and practice of new methods and planning techniques aimed at implementing strategies, based on the commercial world; as well as the development of analytical and reasoning capabilities, so that, as Marketing and Sales specialists, they can successfully face new environmental situations.


  • Area I: Business Strategy
    • Strategies and Company Policies
    • Analysis of the Business Situation
    • Applied Finance to Commercial Management and Marketing
  • Area II: Marketing Management
  • Commercial investigation
  • Consumer analysis
  • The CRM in Management of Marketing Management
  • Marketing and Communication: Communication
  • Marketing and Communication: Management and Purchase of Media
  • Marketing and Communication: External Relations
  • Convergence to Marketing. Strategic marketing
  • Marketing Policies
  • Marketing of Services, Industrial and Institutional
  • Operational Marketing
  • Promotional Marketing
  • Marketing and e-Business
  • Area III: Commercial Management
  • Fundamentals, Definitions and Scope of the Commercial Function
  • Skills: Sales Force Management
  • Negotiation and Sales Techniques
  • Specific Figures of the Sale
  • Trade and International Marketing
  • Area IV: Personal Skills and Directives
  • Development of Personal Skills
  • Leadership
  • Effective Presentations in Public


The methodology used in the Master is theoretical / practical, organizing the different modules according to the following scheme:

  • Theoretical sessions that will have as objective that the participants acquire the knowledge required by the content of the topics addressed in the module.
  • Practical activities, aimed at the acquisition and development of the competences required by the module and that will be supported in the realization of practical cases, situational tests, group discussions, viewing videos, etc.
  • Continuous evaluation, at the end of each module, through the realization of practical cases.
  • Final Master Project, in which attendees must apply the contents of the Master in a Practical Project of a Company and defend it before a court composed of professionals of the area.

In all the sessions the participation of the students, the team work and the exchange of experiences will be stimulated, which makes the program eminently practical.

Admission process

To access the registration, CESMA Business School carry out a process of selection and admission of candidates, based on the analysis of the Curriculum Vitae and the conduct of personal interviews, to evaluate the level of training and / or previous accredited experience, for the purposes of guarantee the suitability of the group of attendees.

  • Admission request
  • Title and Academic File
  • Curriculum vitae
  • 1 Photography
  • Personal interview
  • Admissions Committee

Aids and Scholarships

CESMA, within its Social Responsibility Plan, annually programs a system of scholarships and training aids.

The essential objective of these scholarships and bonuses is eminently social and aims to establish effective aid for disadvantaged groups so that the lack of economic means or the difficulties of integration do not constitute an impediment for all those people who wish to improve their personal and professional development .

Professional practices

The commitment of CESMA Business School extends beyond the classroom, through our Professional Development Department, whose mission is to offer our students an open door to new professional opportunities through the following services:

  • Orientation for the development of his professional career and / or access to the labor market.
  • Proposal of offers for internships in companies.
  • Job offers and job improvement.
  • Employment Forums.
  • Seminars for the Active Search of Employment.

CESMA Business School , counts to date with the collaboration of more than 2,700 companies in this department, who trust in the academic and professional quality of our students

CESMA has a platform for job searches and internships, where students and companies include their demands and offers.

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CESMA Business School es una institución educativa orientada a la gestión, la innovación y el espíritu emprendedor. Somos conscientes que la educación en los negocios, no se limita a la formación de b ... Read More

CESMA Business School es una institución educativa orientada a la gestión, la innovación y el espíritu emprendedor. Somos conscientes que la educación en los negocios, no se limita a la formación de buenos administradores, financieros competentes o directivos bien preparados, sino también a la formación en valores y a la ética empresarial. Read less