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Executive Master in Marketing, Marketing and Revenue Management Part-time Tourism

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October 2018


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Bac +3 / 5 or 3 years of professional experience in the sector


In a highly competitive international context, professionals in the tourism sector in general, and more specifically in the hotel sector, are faced with an accelerated transformation of professions such as marketing, marketing and distribution. Thus, the mastery of new concepts and tools online and offline, becomes a determining factor of competitiveness.

The Executive Master in Marketing, Tourism Marketing and Revenue Management, unique training in Morocco, aims to train professionals and executives, with personal and professional skills, to manage in an optimal and effective way, process of marketing, marketing and distribution of tourism products.

Key words: competitiveness, digitalisation of tools and effective decision-making

Developed in collaboration with the operational and institutional actors of the sector, the Executive Master in Marketing, Marketing and Tourism Revenue Management provides practical and directly applicable solutions to issues such as the volatility of prices generated by online travel agencies. excess supply of hotel rooms, lower prices for air transport with the emergence of low-cost flights, the overall rise in tourist flows around the world, etc.


The Executive Master in Marketing, Marketing & Revenue Management Part-time Tourism aims to deepen your specialization to make you an expert in key professions in the tourism and hotel sector.

At the end of your career, you will be managers with the following skills, abilities and values:

  • Familiarity with the hotel and tourism industry: through an international perspective and a direct approach to the profession, you will acquire a solid base of knowledge of the hotel and restaurant industry, in terms of policies, procedures, practices and experiences in the fields of tourism, hospitality and leisure.

  • Global vision: through its doubly international and entrepreneurial scope, this Executive Master aims to train managers capable of efficiently managing national and international hotel and restaurant companies.

  • Development of strategic plans: to provide students with key tools for the development and operational application of strategic plans at the national and international levels, within tourist environments.

  • Innovation and sustainable management: thanks to a training that is both global and specialized, you will be able to develop both your creativity and innovation, but also a sustainable management approach to the sector.

  • Managerial and personal skills: while maintaining its international orientation, this program will allow you to acquire the skills necessary to manage optimally, a team in a participative, serene and favorable

Benefits of the program

Ostelea Rabat designed its training program taking into account the reality and the needs of the pan-African market in particular, and internationally in a global way.

That's not all ! Ostelea Rabat also relied on the Group's expertise in training to develop a program that is faithful to the school's promise: training that is largely oriented towards the reality of the sector from a practical point of view.

Thus, choosing the Executive Master in Marketing, Marketing & Revenue Management Tourist will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Learn via Business Game: Revenue Management courses are delivered as Business games. This fun and educational methodology will allow students to take part in the actual exercise of managing a hotel establishment as a team.

  • Networking: thanks to the meeting cycle with directors of hotels and specialized companies of the sector, as well as international consultants, the students will be able to constitute their own network of professional relations

  • Free coaching cycle: in addition to their study program, students can benefit from a coaching cycle, including group sessions in various fields, such as emotional coaching, familiar coaching ....

  • Strategic partnerships developed with industry players: academic, institutional and corporate

  • A professional vision: thanks to a faculty from the sector, students have the opportunity to deepen the study of own tools and the analysis of real cases. As a result, they acquire skills that are directly and fundamentally applicable in their chosen field.

Training content

The Executive Master Program in Marketing, Marketing and Revenue Management Tourism is as follows:

  • Market Structure, International Hotel Marketing and Strategic Direction

  • Financing the tourism sector (focus on marketing and sales)

  • Online and offline tourism marketing

  • Managerial skills and personal aptitudes

  • E-commerce, Online Marketing, Revenue Management and Pricing Structure

  • Internship at a tourist or hotel establishment

  • Memory graduation

Graduation work consists of the development of a general or partial marketing plan focused on marketing, sales or e-commerce. This work should be based on an existing company or for which the references are accessible. The student will also be able to base himself on a new initiative or a project that he would like to launch. The objective is that the student can consolidate the knowledge acquired during the training while working in conditions close to reality.

Career opportunities

The Executive Master's degree in Marketing, Marketing & Revenue Management Touristique allows you to access the following positions and institutions:

  • Commercial Director of Tourism and Hotel Businesses

  • Senior Manager in Tourism and Hotel Business Marketing

  • Revenue manager

  • Responsible for tourist and hotel e-commerce

  • Commercial intelligence within central reservations, hotel chains or restaurants

  • Consultant in commercial policies of tourist enterprises

  • Entrepreneurship in the tourism field

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