Executive Master’s Degree in Tax Consultancy


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Program Description

Our program aims to enhance, update and strengthen the legal and tax knowledge of young professionals from a practical perspective, but with equal emphasis and from the same practical perspective, it seeks to show them the non-traditional technical needs of the profession.

We are convinced that only by getting to know these needs of their clients, whether they are internal within an organization or external if consulting services are provided to third parties, can the professionals who are starting their career focus their advice on the aspects in which the client perceives and receives added value.

Access Profile

  • University graduates or persons starting their professional career and wishing to combine training with their professional activities.
  • Professionals from law firms, consultancies, firms providing legal advice to companies and, in general, all those who want to broaden their knowledge of national and international taxation.
  • Professionals in the financial sector who require training in taxation.


The program consists of 4 modules.

1. Taxes

  • General Tax Law: the company's legal and tax structure
  • Corporate income tax:
  • Accounting profit/loss
  • Tax base
  • Rate
  • Fiscal Consolidation
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Value Added Tax
  • Problem and application of the tax • SII
  • Taxation of natural persons
  • Personal income tax
  • Taxation of Executives and Administrators
  • Succession and Donations
  • Capital gains tax
  • Other Taxes
  • Other taxes that affect companies: Property Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty, Excise and Local Taxes.
  • International Taxation
  • Taxation of non-residents
  • International tax rules; Community law and Double Taxation Agreements
  • Taxes on Spanish companies abroad
  • Taxes on subsidiaries of Spanish companies
  • Management of International Taxation in companies
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Planning and impact of corporate operations
  • Tax Due Diligence

2. Tax liability and penalties

  • Tax penalties and penalty proceedings
  • Tax liability of the company: the legal entity, the tax department, and its members, administrators and managers

3. Tax procedures

  • Tax compliance
  • Tax Management Control
  • IT tools and tax compliance
  • Tax Procedures:
  • Review and Resources:
  • Administrative proceedings
  • In contentious-administrative judicial proceedings

4. Sectoral taxation and topical issues

The following options are offered from which the student must select two:

  • M&A and Private Equity Business Taxation
  • Taxation of the Real Estate Business and REITs
  • Taxation of construction companies, dealerships and service companies
  • Taxation of financial institutions
  • Current tax issues

5. Final practical case


  • Gives participants a thorough training in the basic aspects of the tax system and introduces them to the most complex areas of current tax consultancy, so that they can orient their career in the direction that seems most interesting to them.
  • Understanding operations carried out with other countries and ascertain what their taxation is, through the knowledge and interpretation of Double Taxation Agreements, transfer pricing, etc.
  • Analyzing the main procedures applied in the field of tax audit and due diligence.
  • Responding to the need for professionals specialized in the tax problems of the business and consulting sector.

Enrollment Procedure

  • Application for admission + documentation
  • Admission test
  • Personal interview
  • Admissions Committee

Application for admission + documentation:
Complete an application form accompanied by the following documents:

  • Copy of National Identity Card/Foreigners Identity Card/Tax Identification Number (DNI/NIE/NIF) or Passport
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • University degree certificate and academic record
  • One photograph

Admission test:
The Admission Test consists of a set of multiple-choice questions in which numerical agility, verbal agility, and text compression are assessed. This test can be done in person at our facilities or online.

Personal interview:
In the personal interview, the candidate's personal and professional objectives are discussed, as well as their suitability for the program.

Admissions Committee:
The admissions committee will make an assessment and inform the candidate in writing of the admission result within two weeks.

Last updated Dec 2019

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