Are you fascinated by the process of European integration and the way it holds a fascination for other regions in the world? Do you wish to deepen your understanding of this process and be actively involved in it? Do you aspire to a career in which well-grounded legal, economic and political science knowledge about European integration is indispensable? You have already completed your first degree preferably in the area of law, economics or political science with an outstanding result? Then you should apply for a place in our Master Programme.

The two-semester Master Programme "European and European Legal Studies" is offered by the Institute for European Integration of the Foundation Europa-Kolleg Hamburg in cooperation with the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Hamburg.

After successfully completing the programme either the academic degree "Master of Arts (M.A.)" or "Master of Laws (LL.M.)" will be awarded.

The Master Programme takes one year – from October to September of the following year. It is a full-time course of studies. It is subdivided into nine modules in total. There are seven modules composed of academic lectures, five of which have to be attended during the winter term, whereas a further two lecture modules follow during the summer term. After the lectures of the winter term come to an end an academic master thesis is to be written for which a period of four months is provided. A practice module scheduled for the period between the winter and the summer term (February/March) calls for the students to do an internship, e.g. at an institution of the EU, representations of the German Foreign Office in foreign countries, ministries, governmental agencies, law firms or companies.

At the beginning of the Master Programme, three basic modules devoted to the legal, economic and political aspects of European integration have to be attended by all students collectively. During the subsequent specialisation phase students have the opportunity to study one of the following elective specialisation fields in depth:

  • The EU as a Political Actor
  • External Relations of the EU
  • Companies as Economic Actors
  • Law of the EU

The Master Programme is exclusively offered in English as the language of instruction and examination.

The requirements for admission to the Master Programme are:

  • A degree from a German or foreign institution of higher education (university level) with a grade above average, preferably in law, in economics or in political science representing 240 credit points (CP). Applicants who have been awarded their first-degree qualifying for a professional career with a total of 180 CP have to make up for the missing 60 CP by a good performance in additional educational or practical training programmes relating to the fields covered by the Master Programme. Proof of this may be submitted in the form of professional experience, further studies, research activities, publications or the like;
  • Very good English language proficiencies;

For further information please see:

Program taught in:
  • English
  • German
Last updated November 16, 2018
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