European Master in Renewable Energy


Program Description

European Master in Renewable Energy

The aim of the European Master in Renewable Energy is to train post-graduate students to fill the gap between the growing industry demand for specialised renewable energy expertise and the skills currently available on the job market.

By structuring the course in three sections, students are guaranteed to spend time in at least two different EU countries and make contact with a wide range of European institutes and companies involved in the renewable energy sector.

The participating universities are all well-established in training and the education sector as well as being recognised at an international level for their work in the field of renewable energy technology.


The course is divided into three sections. In the first semester, the students acquire a solid foundation in key renewable energy technologies. In the second semester, they specialise in a chosen technology at a different university and at the end of the course, the students complete a practical or research project.

The entire programme is run on a modular basis with credits awarded for passing each section and the successful completion of the project. A total of 90 ECTS credits (30 for each section of the course) are required with a satisfactory level of achievement in all the sections to obtain the European Master degree.

The course's three sections

The core provides a solid foundation in the key energy technologies (wind, solar, bioenergy, hydropower). Theoretical courses which also examine the socioeconomic issues surrounding the deployment of these technologies are supported by laboratory workshops. The studies for the core can be done in French, English or Spanish.

The student can choose one of the following:

  • MINES-ParisTech, France for the core taught in French
  • Zaragoza University, Spain for the core taught in Spanish
  • Oldenburg University, Germany for the core taught in English
  • Hanze University, The Netherlands for the core taught in English

A specialisation focused on a particular technology or implementation aspect selected from Photovoltaics; Grid Integration; Wind power, Solar Thermal & Associated Renewable Storage, Sustainable Fuels Systems for mobility and Ocean Energy. The specialisations are taught in English.

A project related to the specialisation taken and undertaken in industry, a research laboratory or at the University and during which the student can gain practical or research experience.

Course Duration

  • The core section runs from September/October to January.
  • The specialisation section runs from February to June.
  • The project, a 6 month placement in a renewable energy company or a research centre, is scheduled after the core and the specialisation.


The course is delivered by acknowledged experts from the participating universities and where appropriate, from other industrial, research and educational institutions.The taught material includes lectures, tutorials and laboratories.

Last updated Jan 2021

About the School

The EUREC Masters are initiatives proposed and developed by the European Renewable Energy Centres (EUREC) and a consortium of Universities in Europe The programmes have been run since 2002 and 2015 by ... Read More

The EUREC Masters are initiatives proposed and developed by the European Renewable Energy Centres (EUREC) and a consortium of Universities in Europe The programmes have been run since 2002 and 2015 by a network of 10 European Universities and research centres who are leading the way in renewable energy research, development and demonstration. It is coordinated by EUREC EEIG, a consortium of European renewable energy research centres, which has its headquarters in Brussels.The European Renewable Energy Research Centres Agency was established as a European Economic Interest Grouping in 1991 to strengthen and rationalise the European RD&D efforts in renewable energy technologies. As an independent association, it incorporates over 40 prominent RD&D groups from all over Europe. Read less
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