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Program Description


  • Electrical Power Supply and Equipment
    The Electrical Power Supply and Equipment Department was established in 1971, simultaneously with the opening of the eponymous major with two subjects:
    • Electricity Supply to Industries
    • Electrical Equipment for Water Transport
    Over the past years, teaching and research processes are carried out by highly qualified professors, graduates of Bulgarian and foreign universities (Russia, Germany, Czech Republic). The Bulgarian and foreign experience was beneficial to the department and specialty as a whole. A significant part of the faculty in the department have carried out long-term specialization in Denmark, Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria. Have established fruitful contacts with foreign universities. Were established and maintained relations with universities in Kosice, Izhevsk, Riga, St. Petersburg, Light & Optics - Denmark, Prague, Brno, Rostock, Budapest, Odessa, and with similar departments in other universities. Strengthened and developed contacts with foreign universities have made it possible to share the experiences of prominent scientists. Department "Electric Power Supply and Electrical Equipment" is responsible for the education of highly qualified specialists for the needs of electrical industry, electrical power engineering, electrical power supply and electrical equipment in industry, transport and household appliances, illuminating engineering and other applications of electricity.

  • Electroenergetics (Power Engineering)
    The Electroenergetics (Power Engineering) Department was established in 1974 to provide specialized training for students of the major of Electroenergetics. For 30 years the Department has prepared and seen the graduation of over 1,000 electrical engineers who have successfully found their realisation in all the structures of electro energetic systems (hydro, thermal, nuclear power plants, substations, power supply plants and transmission plants , energy departments of industrial enterprises and shipping), in their capacity of designers , engineers in electro-testing laboratories, senior engineers, dispatchers, department heads, managers of electricity companies, researchers, etc.
    The Department also conducts the training of postgraduate students in the scientific specialties: power plants and substations, electrical networks and systems, high voltage equipment, electro-insulation and cable equipment.

The major of Electroenergetics in Bulgaria has received accreditation only at TU-Varna.

Electrical Engineering and Technologies

The Electrical Engineering and Technologies Department is a successor to the Electrical Machines and Apparatus Department established on 01.09.1964, which originally comprised a staff of one assistant and a technician.


  • BACHELOR OF SCIENCE: Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science training course at ЕЕТ Department specializing in “Renewable Energy Sources” and “Electrotechnologies”
  • MASTER OF SCIENCE: Renewable Energy Sources

Theoretical and Measuring Electrical Engineering
The Theoretical and Measuring Electrical Engineering Department was established in 1963. Currently, the Department has six training laboratories in which students from all majors at TU-Varna are being trained. The Department conducts training in the following fields:

  • Theoretical Electrical Engineering
  • General Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical Power Measurements

Physical Education and Sport
A major priority in the work of the instructors at the Department is the formation of a system of vital sports skills and habits, increasing the locomotive abilities and giving a set of specific knowledge to students needed in their daily and sports activities. Building up students' physical activity aims at improving their functional capabilities and the adaptive and protective functions of their organisms to respond to the adverse effects of the environment. This is the basis of health improvement and preservation of high overall performance.

Social and Law Sciences
The Department of Social and Legal Sciences provides education in the specialty “Social Management”, Bachelor degree programme, professional field 3.4.Social Work. The accreditation of the programme has been provided by the Social And Legal Sciences Commission at the National Agency for Assessment and Accreditation on 28.07.2010. (Protocol № 18) for a period of six years. The department offers education in the same career direction in five accredited Master degree programmes: Social Management, European Social Integration, Safety and Healthy Conditions at Work, Social Work with Children, Social Work with Individuals with Deviant Behaviour.

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The new university should provide engineers for shipbuilding, transport, machinery, electricity and communications technology needed for industrial complexes in chemistry, shipbuilding and ship repair, engine building, transport, electrical engineering, electronics and communications developing in northeastern Bulgaria. Read less