Egyptology / Coptology Graduate Program

AUC The American University in Cairo

Program Description

Egyptology / Coptology Graduate Program

AUC The American University in Cairo

Egyptology / Coptology Graduate Program

Studying Egyptology / Coptology at the graduate level is a unique opportunity for students, taking advantage of being in Egypt, having the chance to gain practical experience, visiting monuments in context, museums and gaining experience in the field. The Egyptology program covers many aspects; the culture of ancient Egypt for language and religion to art, architecture and social structures over the time span of 4,600 years. The Coptology program offers courses from political science, religion, art history, history and other.

The department of Egyptology offers three tracks for the M.A.

  1. Egyptology: Art, Archaeology and History
  2. Egyptology: Philology
  3. Coptology

In addition to the Archeological Field Training in collaboration with the Ancient Egypt Research Associates (AERA), a special program starting January 2015.

Who is it for?

The program is designed for students who aim for careers in the science of Egyptology and on the preservation and management of Egypt’s heritage and for further studies in the field.

Advantages of studying at the department of Egyptology

  • Location in Egypt enabling site visits and hands-on experience in museums or at sites
  • Programs at AUC follow international guidelines for similar degrees at accredited institutions in the USA.

What will you learn

  • Acquire knowledge, appreciation and understanding of ancient Egypt's cultural heritage and its legacy in the world
  • Acquire mastery of the research tools upon which a career in Egyptology must depend, including ancient Egyptian language and scripts, as well as skill in excavation and site analysis
  • Prepare properly to assume the responsibility of caring for, maintaining and preserving ancient Egypt's unique cultural heritage

Deadline for Application

Students are normally admitted to the MA degree program in the fall only. Prerequisites for the Egyptology M.A. for those who have no background are required.

For Application Process

To inquire about tuition and get application for admission and the required supporting documents, you need to contact the Office of Graduate Studies and Research at AUC.

For detailed information on admission to the University, please visit graduate admissions website where you can also download the application pack.

Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
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Start date
Sept. 2017
Full time
Start date Sept. 2017
Egypt Cairo
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