Ecopsychology // Master of Arts

Naropa University

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Ecopsychology // Master of Arts

Naropa University

Naropa University’s distance degree in Ecopsychology integrates psychology and ecology in the study of human-nature relationships. At Naropa University, contemplative practice and transpersonal psychology provide a foundation for this integration.

The two-year, 38-credit low-residency program begins in the summer semester. Each year, students take two courses on campus in the summer and two courses online in both fall and spring semesters. The first year is devoted to study of ecopsychology, ecology, transpersonal psychology, and contemplative practice. In the second year, students complete both intellectual and service-learning projects, in addition to taking two more courses of their choosing.

The program kicks off with a two-week long intensive incorporating two courses, Transpersonal Psychology Intensive and Engaged Contemplative Practices. Students then work online for fall and spring courses, with a three-day residential intensive here in Boulder in January.

In the second summer, students again come to Boulder to join their learning community for two courses that run back to back and last approximately two weeks. These courses are Psychology of Wilderness Experience, which involves camping outdoors and a three-day solo, and Ecopsychology Training, which is held back on campus. All of the residential courses contain significant experiential components.

Educational foci

  • Provide an overview of the intellectual, philosophical, and practical aspects of transpersonal ecopsychology.
  • Deepen understanding of, and connection with, nature and articulate emerging worldviews about the human-nature relationship.
  • Contribute in some tangible way to the earth and local communities as a result of our insights, actions, and service work.
  • Create a strong and bonded learning community that can support one another both in person and from a distance.
  • Cultivate, understand, and practice contemplative disciplines.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the multicultural, transpersonal, and systems theory aspects of ecopsychology.
  • Foster each student's individual growth, personal awakening, and social/environmental responsibility.
  • Prepare students for careers in which they can be effective social change agents through the use of transpersonal ecopsychological principles and practices.

Key features and benefits

  • Distance learning program that can be completed in two years with minimal travel.
  • Exposure to some of the leading faculty in the world in ecopsychology and transpersonal psychology.
  • A summer wilderness course in which students receive direct experience and training in ecopsychology, rites of passage, and council process/ceremony.
  • Summer and January intensives on campus, which allow community building with fellow students and faculty.
  • Required courses, electives, and options for self-designed learning.
  • A contemplative and transpersonal orientation to ecopsychology offered nowhere else in the world.
  • A variety of online communication tools including audio and video lectures, group discussions, private online journals, chat rooms, and chats.
  • Exposure to the unique and creative learning community that is Naropa University.
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Start date
Sept. 2018
2 years
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USA - Boulder, Colorado
Start date: Sept. 2018
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Sept. 2018
USA - Boulder, Colorado
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