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Program Description

Would you like to become an economist, work in institutions supporting market regulators, become a risk manager or specialize in economic-financial consultancy? This Economics and Finance program offers different curricula to sharpen your economic and financial knowledge: the quantitative economics curriculum, taught entirely in English, allows you to study abroad with the Erasmus Mundus program, while the other curriculum (one in Italian and one in English) focuses on the finance sector, preparing you to launch a career in financial markets, in the main areas of banking, finance and insurance management (for example, loans, finance, treasuries, securities, organization, planning, and internal controls) or in the management of financial investments.

Thanks to the economic and financial interpretative tools the program provides, you will be capable of assuming a position of responsibility both in private companies and in Italian or international public organizations.



There are two English-taught paths, or curricula, available:

  1. The Economics-QEM curriculum focuses on in-depth study of economic issues, in both a microeconomic and macroeconomic context, and quantitative methods for the theoretical and empirical analysis of these issues. As a student of this, curriculum you can participate in the Erasmus Mundus program (QEM).
  2. The Finance Curriculum provide students with specialist knowledge in financial markets, the main areas of management of financial intermediaries (credit, finance, treasury, securities, organisation, planning and control) the management of financial investments and the measurement and management of financial risks, financial advice and insurance, supplementary pension schemes and the management of pension funds, the organisation of the internal processes and the administrative management of banks and financial intermediaries in general. As a student of the Finance Curriculum, you can participate in double degree programs, the Bloomberg Lab and Bloomberg courses, as well as earn CFA and AIAF (Italian Society of Financial Analysts) certification.

The H-FARM campus


  • Double degree in Economics, Econometrics and Finance (MEEF) with Aix–Marseille University (France)
  • Double degree in Master Economie et Ingénierie Financière (MEF) – Université Paris-Dauphine (France)
  • Joint degree in Models and Methods in Economics and Management – Erasmus Mundus (QEM) in collaboration with Université Pantheon – Sorbonne – Paris 1 (France); Universität Bielefeld (Germany); Universitat Autònoma – Barcelona (Spain).
  • Double degree with the Stevens Institute of Technology (USA)


Come graduate in Piazza San Marco with us!


As a graduate, you'll have the knowledge you need to find employment at financial institutions and to operate as professional managers, analysts, consultants and brokers. Some of your possible career opportunities are:

  • Economic systems specialist
  • Business economics specialist
  • Corporate finance analyst
  • Market regulation specialist
  • International business and  finance consultant
  • Insurance expert 
  • Business analyst 
  • Financial analyst


To be eligible for admission, you must satisfy certain curricular requirements. You therefore need to have completed 60 ECTS in the fields of Business, Economics, Law and Statistical Mathematics. For more specific information, please check the program web page or contact us!

You also need a certified B2-level knowledge of English.



San Giobbe, Venice - Economics Campus


Depending on your nationality, the fees range from 700 to 2100 euros. To know how much your fee would be, contact us!

For high-achieving international students, Ca' Foscari offers:

  • renewable fee waivers
  • one-time scholarships of €5,000

The regional government also offers financial aid for international students from low-income families.


Life at Ca' Foscari is both rewarding and stimulating thanks to a wide range of activities and events organized by the university as well as the students themselves. You can get involved in student clubs and sports, as well as take advantage of everything the city itself has to offer, from international cultural events to some of the world's most beautiful art and architecture. Plus, if you choose to live in Venice's historic center, you'll surely enjoy living locally and sustainably thanks to the fact that distances are manageable and there are no cars or traffic to compete with.

To get an insider's perspective, why not book an online chat with a current international student?

Also be sure to check out our international student Instagram account, @studentlifeinvenice for a window onto life at Ca' Foscari!

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Originally established as Italy’s first business school in 1868, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is now a multidisciplinary institution offering a wide range of study programs in economics and manage ... Read More

Originally established as Italy’s first business school in 1868, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is now a multidisciplinary institution offering a wide range of study programs in economics and management, modern languages, the humanities and the sciences. Globally, the QS World University Rankings place Ca’ Foscari among the top 100 universities for Modern Languages, the top 150 for History, the best 200 for Linguistics and Geography, and the top 250 for Economics and Econometrics as well as Accounting and Finance. Read less
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