Double Degree Master in Globalization and World Economics


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Program Description


Beginning in 2008, the faculties of Panthéon Sorbonne and Fudan University, which are among the leading Economics Departments in their respective countries, have joined efforts to organize an innovative international Double Degree Master program in Economics, specialized in Globalization and World Economy. This program aims to provide a cutting-edge education in Economics at the master level. It trains both Chinese and non-Chinese economists who will become key experts in Euro-Chinese economic relations. Participants benefit from a diverse cultural and study environment as they spend the 1st year in Paris and the 2nd year in Shanghai with classmates from around the world.

Main Career Opportunities

Graduates are well-equipped to begin a career in their chosen field or go for further training in a Ph.D. A Ph.D. is particularly relevant for those intending to have a top-level career as an economist in an international organization or a career in academics. Alumni currently hold titles such as Economist, Manager, Consultant or Researcher. Employers include research centers, country risk evaluation departments in banks or multinational firms, local development agencies, and international organizations.

The Selection Process

International English Speakers

1 November-31 March: CV, letter of motivation, 2 letters of recommendation, academic transcripts, bachelor’s degree, an English language certificate for non-native English speakers, a copy of passport.

Application for this program is required at the time of application for the 1st year PSME (Panthéon Sorbonne Master in Economics).

  • PSME Application form downloadable at
  • Applications must be sent electronically and a hard copy by mail.
  • We accept applications through CEF and Campus France.

Interested students should check for up to date procedures and accepted test scores. Admission required both at Pantheon Sorbonne and Fudan University. Students may be requested to pass an interview.

Academic Background

  • Students with a bachelor’s degree in the field of Economics or related field with substantial coursework and knowledge in Economics and Mathematics.
  • Professionals with at least 2 years experience striving to enhance their initial background or are interested in changing careers.

Main Courses

Core Courses

  • Trade Theory
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Transfers of Technology
  • Globalization and Development Strategies
  • Transition Economics and EU Enlargement

The second year at Fudan University specializes in China, its relations with other Asian economies, as well as international finance.

Main Partners

Fudan University, Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne, Campus France.

Companies where alumni work: Bank of China, International Monetary Fund, HSBC, Brand: U, Education: Access.


A graduation ceremony and annual meeting with alumni takes place in the fall. Several networking and alumni events are held throughout the year, including an annual Charity Event in the Spring. As a student of the Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne and Fudan University you have the opportunity to attend numerous high-level conferences and special events hosted at the University and other institutions in Paris and Shanghai.

The Dissertation

Students select a research topic in relation to their professional project and choose an advisor among the program’s professors.

The master thesis must be turned in by the end of the academic year.

Additional Information

  • Teaching staff: mainly academics and some professionals.
  • Course duration: 2 years. 3 semesters in Paris, 2 semesters in Shanghai.
  • Optional Internship: 3 months min or 6 months max.
  • Location of teaching: Maison des Sciences Economiques (Paris 13th), Fudan University Handan Campus(Shanghai).
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About the School

With eight hundred years of excellence to build on, the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, a descendant of the Faculty of Law and Economics of the Sorbonne, is one of the most famous and largest un ... Read More

With eight hundred years of excellence to build on, the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, a descendant of the Faculty of Law and Economics of the Sorbonne, is one of the most famous and largest universities in France. Read less
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