Double Degree Master’s Program in Engineering + Technology Management (MBA/M.A.)


Program Description

Management Education for Engineers and Scientists

Are you passionate about engineering or science, but you want to go a step further? How about adding general management know-how, leadership skills, expertise in entrepreneurial management and proficiency in another foreign language to your profile? Our Double Degree Master´s Program in Technology Management meets the industry demand for engineering or science with a management education.

Be both: In our double degree Master’s program, you study an M.Sc. (in English or German) at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and at the same time, a Master’s in Technology Management (in Englisch) at the NIT.

Profound management studies with practical relevance

At the NIT, students develop skills to master current and future challenges related to digitization. In projects, they learn to design and implement business ideas - whether in established companies or in their own start-ups. In this way, students at the NIT learn to make sustainable, strategic and operative decisions in technology management. They train their soft skills and learn another language.

The NIT learning concept - Modular and innovative!

With our innovative learning concept, we reflect our agile, digital work environment: We do not focus on teaching, but on learning, which takes place flexibly, practically, networkedand in the form of projects.

Modules from the areas of classical management, self-development, innovation management, company foundation and digitalization familiarize students with the entrepreneurial challenges of the future. Topics such as ethics, law or IT security deepen further important aspects of technology management. In addition, students can learn programming and familiarize themselves with relevant innovation methods such as design thinking in real projects.

NIT Curriculum Technology Management

Studying at the NIT has many advantages:

  • A world-class education in both engineering or science AND management
  • International and intercultural experience
  • Tight link to industry: scholarship, internship and thesis work with companies possible
  • International faculty from acclaimed business schools, universities and research facilities
  • Individual support from lecturers, tutors and NIT staff
  • Personalized career development
  • On-campus living: modern student apartments on a green campus
  • Global alumni network and friendships
  • University degree conferred by the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH

Key Facts about the Double Degree Master

The duration of the NIT´s master program can be flexibly adapted through our modular learning concept. A realistic plan for the Double Master (including M.Sc. (TUHH) and MBA/M.A. (NIT) thesis) should allot at least 5 semesters for both degrees.

Recommended course of studies
Master/MBA with 90 ECTS Volume approx. 30 hours/week = 4-5 semesters

TUHH: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
NIT: Master of Business Administration (MBA (Work experience < 2 years: Master of Arts)

Start of study programs (TUHH + NIT): October
Start of German-language course (if applicable): Mid-September

Application period: Jan 3 until March 1 (for International M.Sc.)
Jan 3 until July 15 (for German M.Sc.)

TUHH: Depends on chosen MSc study program
NIT: 30 to 40 students

Credit points


Tuition fee
Master 90 ECTS: 23.500 EUR

Ideal learning conditions at the NIT in Hamburg, Germany!

You are interested in our Double Master in Technology Management?

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Last updated Sep 2019

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At the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management, gifted and talented students from all over the world find ideal learning environment in which they can learn methods, realize innovative ideas a ... Read More

At the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management, gifted and talented students from all over the world find ideal learning environment in which they can learn methods, realize innovative ideas and develop their personalities. Our international community of students and lecturers creates an intercultural atmosphere in which individual learning is made possible through freedom and intensive learning support. Read less