Diploma of Chemical Engineer


Program Description

The ESCOM Chemistry awards an engineering degree consisting of 5 years of study in science and technology in the field of chemistry and process engineering. This diploma is recognized in the same way as a Master according to the framework of the Bologna agreements. ESCOM Chimie's chemical engineering degree is certified by the EUR-ACE label.

International students can join the ESCOM Chemistry at different levels during these 5 years and more particularly during the 3rd year. Each year consists of courses, practical laboratory work and internships to be carried out in France or abroad. All courses are taught in French.


In the 3rd year (equivalent of the last year of the Bachelor's degree) the program consists of the following subjects:

  • 49% chemistry (structure of matter, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry)
  • 28% engineering techniques (transfer phenomena, methods and tools, thermodynamic chemistry, formulation)
  • 3% human and social sciences (economic environment, business environment, professional project)
  • 10% Languages

In the 4th year (equivalent of the 1st year of master) the program consists of the following subjects:

  • 32% human and social sciences (management and management, professional project, business management)
  • 30% specialties (choice of a specialty: processes, formulation, chemistry
  • 24% engineering techniques (process engineering, methods and tools, industrial chemistry, processes and formulation)
  • 14%


Major in 5th year

The 5th year (equivalent of the 2nd year of master) is a year towards specialization. The student can apply for one of the majors below, provided that he has been a student at ESCOM Chimie for at least one year. Most external majors (in partnership with a university or academic institution) have a limited number of places. Each major will be selected on the basis of a file submitted by the student in the fourth year.

Major ESCOM Chemistry

  • Quality, Hygiene, Safety, Environment
  • Management and industrial marketing
  • Products and applications (formulation)
  • Industrial chemistry and processes
  • Elastomer science and technology (in partnership with Ifoca, training takes place in the Paris region)

Major awarding a master's degree in partnership with the Technological University of Compiègne (double degree)

  • Biotechnology of natural resources
  • Processes of valorization of renewable resources
  • Engineering of formulated products

Major awarding a master's degree in partnership with the University Picardie Jules Verne (double-degree). Classes are held in Amiens.

  • Analysis, control, water quality
  • Water Management and Treatment
  • Sustainable Chemistry - Organic
  • Sustainable Chemistry - Materials

Students who enter the ESCOM Chemistry in the preparatory cycle (1st or 1st year) or in the 3rd year can also apply for the majors in partnership with external institutions:

  • Exchange program with chemistry schools of the Gay-Lussac Federation (FGL) throughout France, with possibility of Master
  • Exchange or dual degree program at a partner university abroad (for more information, consult the list of partner universities)
Last updated November 2019

About the School

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