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Clinical Psychology


Christian spirit - love and devotion of the heart - have, cherish contact with the people the dignity of each individual, and training experts in clinical psychology that can full use of advanced expertise and technology.

Experiential learning cherish!

Clinical psychology is the study of the practice. To become as help the technology and knowledge to the people of the assistance, it is essential to learn through practical experience. In some on campus "Clinical Psychology Consultation Center", to participate in, such as from the first year group experience, you will be responsible for the client's interview from around 1 the end of the year. The second year it also joined off-campus training. Hospital, adaptation guidance classroom, there is a wide variety of training destination such as the Child and Family Support Center. Create a training record and verbatim record, subject to the super vision in consultation centers and off-campus training destination. In addition, full-time faculty members in light of the report of the training content is taught fine.

Two of the study area

(1) Clinical Psychology assistance method research area, you can choose from (2) Christianity and clinical psychology research area. In clinical psychological assistance method research area, to provide courses necessary to take qualification of clinical psychologist, will develop an expertise necessary to understand and solve each and every problem. In Christianity and clinical psychology research area, also you will learn and practice the theory about the "human soul of care" at the core of the Christian faith.

Full curriculum

Full-time faculty members with a qualification of clinical psychologist, in addition to the courses required to take the exam acquisition, offers the university own subjects related to psychotherapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy, transactional analysis, psychological assessment method, you learn Group Psychotherapy, art therapy, up to one step ahead and child clinical psychology. We are also leaders eagerly joined the faculty of the front line from off-campus. University of Clinical Psychology course ※, Graduate School of Clinical Psychology Department is preparing a curriculum corresponding to the training "Certified psychology teacher (state certification)".

We brought up the power of the research!

Clinical Psychology of force is not completed in two years. Forces after graduate school graduates also continue to learn is important. In addition it is essential to scientific thinking to the practice of clinical psychology. To understand the challenges that people are facing, such as to improve to verify the effect of the support method, it will develop an research force to help in the practice of clinical psychology. I received a detailed guidance through an intermediate announcement and the final announcement of the entire Department of the special study (seminar), and writing a master's thesis over a period of 2 years.

Message from the chief

Jun Kato

Clinical Psychology Department chief, Professor man is alive hope to become anyone happy. You can not lead to even love only their own happiness in an attempt to obtain happiness. Without unity that and to love yourself to love your neighbor is, it seems to be no true happiness. Children and youth issues, such as the home and society and international relations problem, is a problem of tension between things and to love yourself to love others there at the root of many problems. Clinical psychology, and the human heart of the movement of the research based on, will try to explore and analyze the way in which the individual human being is leading to happiness. Clinical psychology, also, as a target Fortunately neighbors, and that it would be academic to serve the neighbor. In Japan Lutheran College, we are focusing on practical education to hone the knowledge and technology to help the people. Not only knowledge and skills, happiness and suffering of the people, think about, such as raw or death, the opportunity to deepen review the outlook on life and values ​​are also to cherish. We would love to have your submissions of many of everyone.

Integrated Human Studies, thesis theme (Clinical Psychology)

University master's thesis is basically free to consider the theme based on their interest, we have every year everyone, working enthusiastically to the unique theme. Seminar and are equipped with system to teach in the entire majors, you can select a research method is also quantitative research, along the theme from the qualitative research methods. By all means, please refer to the article title.

For graduate programs "terminal care, grief work training program (CTTP)"

Clinical Death and Life Studies training program (CTTP) has been newly established as the Graduate School of Integrated Human Studies Master's Program established 10 anniversary program in fiscal 2012. This is a new training program to comprehensively expand the exercises, training for the study of terminal care and grief work at the graduate level. The program, after graduate school completion, graduate students, which aims to engage in the practice of clinical Death and Life Studies, who has completed a university and other university master's degree (the required research students registered) in the subject, deputy regardless of the major and professional it is an object of the present invention to provide a exercises and training and training of majors to clinical Death and Life Studies. And program content, for such as the completion requirements, please see below.

Clinical psychologists exam pass rate

In fiscal 2015, "clinical psychologist" qualification test of graduates 7 people took active pass (pass rate 58.3%). In addition, welcomed the milestone of 10 years from the Graduate School opened in 2005, those graduate school graduates will be 103 people, 89 people have produced a successful candidates (candidates 98 people) (graduates take 95%, pass rate 90.8 %). Interview by the faculty in the University implemented every year (secondary test) practice, it continues to support the exam. Well as the usual classes,Supervision of each case conference and every interview in the internal training, In the external training we are meticulous guidance such as group supervision of every week. This time of the test results, my best graduates is, of course, these stacked became a form that bore fruit.

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About the School

The mission of this school is to train persons who "serve God and the world in the spirit of Christ" through "instruction which values each and every individual."

The mission of this school is to train persons who "serve God and the world in the spirit of Christ" through "instruction which values each and every individual." Read less