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Program Description

Master's degree in Civil Engineering

The master's degree Civil Engineering at Biberach University developed and supplemented in the bachelor predominantly technical content through management components, project management and through applied Bauinformatik, infrastructure programs calculation and finite element methods. The scientific study of special technical content is supported through close collaboration with the interdisciplinary institutes Biberach University.

Here, the focus according to the majors of the preceding bachelor's or graduate training (eg: Structural Engineering, Transportation, hydraulic), inclinations or professional experience are set differentiated.

In order to allow the standing in the professional engineer or civil engineer part time the Master Program, e-learning components and block courses are to enable part-time, e-learning components and block courses are provided.

Why Master?

Civil engineers take on tasks and responsibilities in all areas of our everyday technological environment. They plan, design, build and maintain buildings and facilities of all kinds; develop materials and components, construction and method of operation, calculation methods and software; organize, calculate and monitor processes and procedures.

The training requirements of modern civil engineering are just as varied and increasingly complex; the place of the classical architect is now the "high-tech engineer" resigned.

With so many practical problems in civil engineering with additional technical and managerial skills and key management techniques are required. This is provided at Biberach University master's degree in "Civil Engineering". The course content is practical and oriented to the versatile, specific requirements in one of the largest professional fields worldwide.

Structure / process of the Master Program

The master's program is modular and consists of attendance phases (block courses, etc.) and controlled domestic contribution (e-learning). Lectures and seminars are held on Saturdays in part. Thus, the master's degree is also part-time possible.

Each winter semester starts a new master's degree program. However, the course can be started either in the winter semester or the summer semester. The students in the summer semester can be integrated without loss of time in the current module.

The standard period of study including the Master Thesis 3 semesters and ends with the academic degree of Master of Civil Engineering (M.Eng.).
For that master's degree student receives 90 ECTS.


As a prerequisite for the Master's degree in Civil Engineering proof of a bachelor's degree or diploma statements with above average examination results in the study of civil engineering is to provide a domestic or foreign university or a recognized equivalent degree than at the level of at least three years of study.
Detailed information for admission to the master's program can be found in the articles of association for the selection process.

Application and Admission

You can begin your Master's degree in Civil Engineering in the winter semester or the summer semester! Application deadline for the winter semester is July 15!
Application deadline for the summer semester is the 15th January!

Please apply as early as possible so that any discrepancies can be resolved in time before the application deadline.
On the candidate profile page for more information, marketing authorization applications, links, downloads and the appropriate contact person to study in Biberach, and the dates for the next Information Days at the university.

Career Options

Categories for civil engineers with a Master's degree

  • building contractors
  • Engineering and planning offices
  • Planning departments (senior service)
  • Offices and departments of Civil Engineering (senior service)
  • road construction
  • Hydraulic
  • water Management
  • Establishments for supply and disposal
  • Road transport
  • Anlagenbau
  • Insurance and real estate administrations
  • software Houses
  • Building departments of larger industrial and service establishments
  • ...

Career opportunities

The successful degree opens up diverse career prospects, even in areas that conventional buildings do not directly concern, such as automotive engineering, in the aerospace industry or in biomechanics. Even during the construction crisis in recent years, engineers Biberach University have been successful in the market. A survey of the graduates of the last semester showed that more than 90% have found a job within a short time.

Part of the Master graduates could make a career change from upscale restaurant in the senior civil service after graduation.

Last updated Mar 2020

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Traditionell eine Hochschule für Bauwesen steht die Hochschule Biberach für die klassischen Disziplinen Architektur und Bauingenieurwesen. Spezialangebote differenzieren diese Studienangebote: Projektmanagement (Bau) sowie Betriebswirtschaft (Bau & Immobilien). Read less
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