Bachelor in Marine Engineering


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Program Description

Marine Engineering and Technology 5В0715000

Kazakhstan Maritime Academy Kazakh-British Technical University in Almaty is recruiting young boys and girls to free-of-charge education of 4 years to obtain a bachelor's degree in an academic degree specialization "Marine Navigation" and "Marine Engineering", including 12 months of apprenticeship at sea abroad. Training is conducted in the Netherlands and Kazakhstan. Experienced Dutch teachers from the largest maritime school STC-Group conduct training in marine disciplines, practical classes at the university are held on the best marine simulators (production - Kongsberg, Norway).

Upon termination of the professional diploma of the seaman is issued.

The advantages of obtaining a diploma KMA:

  • Highly-paid job after graduation
  • Career Guarantee
  • Ability to work, both at sea and onshore
  • The right to employment outside of Kazakhstan
  • Education and accommodation is free
  • The language of study is English

Maritime specialities

Maritime professions at all times were relevant and in demand. Seafarers are needed to work on passenger and fishing vessels, work on bulk carriers and ferries, tankers and container ships, they are also needed onshore. The Kazakhstan Maritime Academy under the KBTU in the city of Almaty has been graduating professional certified seafarers for several years. The Academy presents the most popular maritime specialities, such as Navigation and Marine Engineering. The KMA offers 4 years of study with an academic bachelor's degree, as well as a 12-month apprenticeship abroad. Experienced specialists from the Netherlands work with students and Norwegian simulators are provided for classes.

Education benefits

Kazakhstan Maritime Academy provides free-of-charge education and accommodation for students in the city of Almaty. The Academy grants graduate the right to employment outside the country. Lectures are conducted in English. Maritime professions are always highly paid and have career prospects. The graduates not always work at sea, there is a huge demand for these specialists onshore. For example, a specialist like the marine engineer is needed when designing the ship's engine, in research organizations, as well as for teaching marine specialities in educational institutions.

Career Perspectives

Our graduates have the opportunity to occupy the positions of Deck officers, shipbuilders and repairmen of ships, ship electricians, mechanics, Chief officers and Chief engineers. The crew of a ship can include a number of different specialists, so in this area, there is often a big demand for professionals. To become a Captain is the main goal of each graduate. Education in the speciality Marine Navigation is required to obtain this position. Marine Engineers, in turn, are the direct organizers of the vessel's energy supply, they keep power plants in the right modes on the ship, control and regulate electrical equipment, and much more. On a competitive basis, the Maritime Academy invites both boys and girls who have made a conscious decision to get an education in this field. Training is conducted in full-time on a free (grant) basis for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Contact details:

Address: Almaty, Tole Bi St., 59, 332 cab.
Phone: +7 (727) 2725615, 2725129

Last updated Apr 2020

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