Applied MSc in Data Engineering for Artificial Intelligence


3 locations available

Program Description


This 6-month of classes and 6-month internship Applied MSc program, with its two entries in Autumn and Spring, is designed to open your career to these Big Data Engineering jobs all industries are looking for.

  • End of September to the beginning of April for the Autumn entry;
  • Beginning of March to mid-October for the Spring entry;

On a full-time basis (5 hours/day) along with “Engineering Projects” (see below) and followed by a 6-month work placement.

In this Applied MSc programme, you will:

  • Learn how to understand the analysis, design, implementation & monitoring of IT & Big Data architectures
  • Leverage the most prevalent programming languages and their libraries for applied machine and deep learning
  • Learn how to architect and deploy highly distributed data and computation clusters such as Hadoop or SPARK
  • Discover the DevOps world and set up continuous integration architecture
  • Be trained to and take two Enterprise-Level Certification examination:
    • Amazon AWS *Cloud-Computing DSTI Chair*
      Preparation for AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
    • Cloudera Certified Data Engineer
      Preparation for Cloudera Certified Data Engineer

Work placement

6 months internship

On-Campus students are strongly encouraged to choose the 6-month work placement option (805hrs, 35hrs/week) and immerse themselves in a data science industrial environment. Finding a work placement opportunity is a student’s responsibility. DSTI provides active help, advice, and support throughout its industrial and academic partners network.

Some examples of employers who trusted our students:

  • Facebook
  • United World Nation
  • Vinci
  • Disneyland
  • EDF
  • Renault
  • Airbus
    & much more!

Career outcomes

DSTI Applied MSc in Data Science & AI will allow you to have to skills and competencies to be work as a Data Engineer, Big Data Architect, Software Engineer, etc. You will be able to apply your knowledge in various industries such as the healthcare, energy, telecommunications, financial, management, or automative industry.

Tuition Fees

The following tuition fees are subject to change for the next academic year.

  • On-campus mode & Self-Paced Online mode€14,500
  • Online mode (for students living in France)€13,050
  • Online mode (for students living outside of France)€8,700
  • Lagos Relay Campus: €10,875

Once you are admitted, you will need to pay a deposit.

  • On-campus mode: 10%
  • Online mode: 20%
  • SPOC mode: 10%

Advanced engineering project

540 hours*

Online education students will be tutored by a DSTI Professor in selecting a data science engineering problem for a given industrial application and write an engineering proposal, covering state-of-the-art literature, to propose a solution. On-Campus students may also choose this engineering project as an alternative to a work placement.

*540 hours is an evaluated time, which accounts for the 200 hours already spent during the classes time and equivalent to four months of legal full-time work in France (35 hours per week), of requirement commitment to perform the project.

Available modes for this program

On-campus, Online, SPOC

We offer 3 delivery modes for the programs:

  • On-campus mode on our 3 campuses
    • Sophia-Antipolis
    • Paris
    • Lagos, Nigeria
  • Then 2 different online modes.
    • Online Mode Live: 6 months intensive program. 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. Classes are followed live.
    • SPOC Mode: 18-36 months, part-time program. Suits students that want to work and study at the same time.


Last updated Jun 2020

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Data ScienceTech Institute is the 1st private postgraduate school in pure Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Big Data education in France! Data ScienceTech Institute’s mission is simple: trai ... Read More

Data ScienceTech Institute is the 1st private postgraduate school in pure Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Big Data education in France! Data ScienceTech Institute’s mission is simple: training executive students to become ready-to-go Data Scientists and Big Data Analysts. We commit ourselves to follow industrial, and job market needs to the letter and have built industrial partnerships with many forefront international players such as SAS, Amazon AWS or to name a few. Read less
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