Advanced Master in Safety Engineering and Management


Program Description

The objective of this one-year Advanced Master course is to offer lectures in English dealing with generic aspects of safety management and their applications in various domains of engineering.

The first semester contains 2 parts

  • Part A concerns generic knowledge, including concepts of risk, risk identification, analysis, evaluation, and treatment, communication, and consultation, safety management system, legal and human factors in risk management (20 ECTS Credits).
  • Part B deals with application fields: Process safety, toxicological risks for human health, environmental risks associated with toxic products, natural and technological risks for construction, dependability of computing systems, risks associated with radiation, the safety of electrical systems. This second part does not require deep knowledge of each domain as an introduction to useful skills will be supplied. A large part of the lectures is provided by professionals (25 ECTS).

The second semester is dedicated to an internship in firms (30 ECTS)

The program is targeted to jobs in international firms accountable for controlling induced safety, business units dealing with safety regulations, consulting and auditing firms and public administrations. Sectors of employment include aerospace, railways, construction, production, energy, agriculture, medicine, and pharmacy.

Modules opened to International Students Within Mobility Programs

The following modules taught in English may be opened to international students within mobility program agreements, under certain conditions. Please use the contact below to apply to any of these modules.

Practical information

Language: English

Duration: 1 year

One semester of lectures, case studies, projects and one semester of internship

Required level: A Master of Science or a 4-year Bachelor plus at least 3 years of professional experience

Degree awarded: Advanced Master Certificate

Deadline for application: July 1st

Safety Engineering and Management

An advanced Master's degree in Risk Engineering

Today, society is faced with two objectives which seem to be contradictory:

  • innovation which implies taking risks whilst
  • guaranteeing safety for all by controlling these risks.

This Advanced Master’s / Mastère Spécialisé (R) in « Safety Engineering & Management » provides the required skills to take up the challenge.

This vital control of technological risks involves all sectors: transportation (air, rail, road, etc.), energy (nuclear plants, oil and gas platforms, refineries, dams, fuel cells, etc.), production (pharmaceutical, agribusiness, manufacturing, etc.), construction, waste disposal, etc.

Create new positions

Jobs are available in Research and Development departments, in Industrial Safety departments as well as on industrial sites (nuclear plants, manufacturing plants, etc.). Companies frequently use specialized consultancy firms which provide risk analysis skills and accident prevention implementation methods. Authorities and audit offices also employ numerous experts ensuring regulatory compliance.

What kind of positions need filling?

Process Safety Engineers, Safety Engineers in nuclear or oil and gas industries, Reliability Engineers, Quality Safety and Environment Engineers, Risk Analysts in a safety consultancy, Inspectors in regulatory organizations, Risk Analysts in certification authorities or safety agencies, Risk Engineers for insurance companies.

These positions require close coordination with top management and can lead to faster career progression.

Admission Requirements


The Advanced Master’s in « Safety Engineering & Management » is recognized by the “Conférence des Grandes Ecoles” (an organization equivalent to the American Ivy League).

Acceptance of the course requires

  • a Master’s degree, or
  • a validated first year of Master’s or a 4-year Bachelor’s degree plus at least 3 years of professional experience in both cases.

This course is also part of the International Master’s degree “Industrial & Safety Engineering” (a 2-year degree) which requires a Bachelor’s degree to be accepted to the course.

Application process

There is a two step-process: the board examines the applications and invites short-listed applicants for an interview.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are 9000 Euros.

A two-step learning process

The theoretical part of the training takes place from the beginning of October to the end of April (7 months) in an international and professional environment.

The internship starts from the beginning of May until the end of October (6 months).


The Advanced Master’s (« Mastère Spécialisé ») degree is granted by INSA Toulouse (the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Toulouse) and INP Toulouse (the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse). Both are long-established members of the “Conférence des Grandes Ecoles” (American Ivy League equivalent) and are amongst the top Engineering Schools in the country.

Last updated Jan 2018

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With 14,000 alumni present in all economic sectors, the "Institut National des Sciences Appliquées" of Toulouse, an international, pluridisciplinary, state engineering school, is recognized for the excellence of its five-year education which attracts students of a high academic level and who have obtained excellent results at the Baccalaureat. Read less