Advanced Master in Financial Markets

Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Université Libre de Bruxelles

Program Description

Advanced Master in Financial Markets

Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Université Libre de Bruxelles

This Advanced Master in Financial Markets offers an advanced education in finance and in financial markets that is complementary to the curriculum provided in classical graduate programs in finance or economics. The master, therefore, focuses on creating bridges between theory and practice and also the policy and strategic aspects of the current financial landscape. To do so, all courses are given by an exceptional cadre of faculty members - both practitioners and academics.


  • Finance had become much more complex and competitive.
  • There is a massive regulation shift underway.
  • You need a different set of skills to succeed.
  • The best professionals will do even better, whereas the average will stagnate.
  • Finance is increasingly multi-disciplinary.
  • Regulators expect more from financial institutions.
  • Society expects a more ethical financial system.
  • Financial firms are revisiting their business models and the financial world is restructuring.
  • A new relationship is being built between public and private financial flows.
  • The center of financial power is shifting gradually towards new economies.


  • Unique program.
  • Practice not just theory.
  • A stellar set of professors.
  • Focused internship in a top institution.
  • Close to where EU regulation is shaped.
  • In-depth understanding.
  • Tailored to your needs.
  • Talent enhancement.
  • International reach.
  • Creating value.



By the end of the master you will be able to:

  • Understand the financial markets in a way that few students or even young professionals are able to do.
  • Make robust assessments of theoretical and policy-related issues, thanks to the experience of senior practitioners and top-level academics teaching the courses.
  • Leverage your understanding of the connections between theory and practice of financial markets to be more effective and more creative in your professional environment.
  • Be a more attractive prospect in the financial sector and progress to more senior levels in your professional environment faster than would otherwise be the case.

What you will learn during the master:

  • Much deeper knowledge and understanding of financial markets compared to graduate courses classical post-graduate programs in finance.
  • Connections between the various aspects of finance and financial markets.
  • Connections between theory and practice of markets, and between theory and policy-making.


  • This master is a full-time course (60ECTS) and is completed within one year during evening and Saturday classes.
  • To ensure optimal quality of learning, preference is given to smaller size classes. Selection of candidates is made on the basis of an application file and an interview.


The master targets students who have:

  • a master degree in economics or management, but also possibly in other disciplines, such as law, math, physics, political science, engineering, and
  • a strong interest in finance and preferably already some background through their choice of graduate courses or possibly their professional experience.


The master is based on a combination of a major with core courses for all students and two minors from which students can choose:

  • Minor in Advanced Finance: for students looking for cutting-edge technical specialization in quantitative finance.
  • Minor in Advanced Financial Markets: for students seeking to further broaden their expertise in financial markets and/or develop their knowledge in financial techniques to complement a non-economic background (e.g., lawyers).


Eligible applicants must hold either:

  • A master degree (5 years of study)
  • A post-graduate degree
  • A bachelor degree with one to three years of work experience
  • Another degree equivalent to the above (please consult us)
  • Proficiency in English
This school offers programs in:
  • English

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Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
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Start date
Sept. 2019
1 - 1 year
Full time
15,000 EUR
Belgium - Brussels
Start date : Sept. 2019
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Sept. 2019
Belgium - Brussels
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