AIMove Post-Master’s Degree: Artificial Intelligence and Movement in Industries and Creation


Program Description

AIMove Post Master's Degree is an accredited professional program, delivered by MINES ParisTech, PSL Université Paris and supported by a European consortium of IRCAM, CERTH, Goldsmiths College University of London, IDIAP and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The programme specialises in Human-centred AI (HAI) and enhances professional development and expertise in the fields of human-machine interaction and collaboration, internet of things, machine learning, pattern recognition, computer vision, VR/AR and mixed reality, and emergent related fields. This unique international program, taught entirely in English, brings together leading European professionals in this field and trains future HAI specialists in Human-Machine Collaboration.

AIMove is unique as it offers students a double expertise. Graduates will be specialized both in HAI technologies and in understanding the human movement, gestures and actions as well the human behaviour in general. AIMove responds to the emerging needs of both industry and society by promoting awareness of AI and ensuring immediate employment as an AI specialist in Industry 4.0, the Factory of the Future or the Creative and Cultural Industries.

To guarantee greater correspondence between educational and market demands, AIMove partners with companies and academia. This Post-Master’s Degree enables participants to acquire expertise in a rapidly-growing field, addressing a multitude of topics through courses on gesture recognition, machine learning, movement capture and analysis, human-computer interaction, collaborative and creative robotics, the IoT, etc.

After 6 months of intensive courses, graduates will be considered ‘Human-centred AI specialists’, capable of managing collaborative robotics projects, develop movement-based interactive systems, and designing innovative solutions for, among others, the factory of the future or the industry of autonomous vehicles. Student access to the labour market is facilitated by mandatory internships in high-tech enterprises.

Overview and Objectives

Scope and objectives

The AIMove program aims to:

  • Create HAI specialists, prepared to take responsibility in the industry, integrating motion capturing, machine learning and movement-based interaction.
  • Train project managers able to conceive, implement and take over interactive systems or intelligent workspace projects by enhancing the sensorimotor and cognitive capabilities of the user.
  • Promote interdisciplinary AI engagement.

Targeted competencies

  • AI and societal challenges
  • Motion capture, Modeling and Pattern recognition
  • User Interaction/User Experience (UI/UX)
  • Humans, machines and connected objects
  • Movement and European industrial leadership
  • Interdisciplinary AI engagement

Targeted industrial sectors

  • Creative Industries
  • Security and Defence
  • Smart Automotive Vehicles
  • Manufacturing
  • Arts, Cultural Industries and Museums

The need for AIMove

  • Industrial – Addressing the challenges where Human-Centred AI can bring solutions
  • Networking – Creation of a hub of professionals and experts
  • Skills for Jobs – A well-rounded educational program for a professional transformation of the engineer
  • Academic – Emerging pedagogical methods through R&D

Human-centred AI specialist

An AIMove graduate is a human-centred AI specialist who could pursue a career as (among others):

  • Deep/Machine Learning Engineer
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Project leader in Collaborative Robotics
  • Engineer in ADAS for Autonomous Vehicles
  • Project leader in Game Building and Gameplay
  • Concept engineer for the development of movement-based interactive systems
  • Innovation manager for the Factory of the Future
  • TEL Manager in the industry
  • Expert industrial coach on movement and AI
  • SME-founder on movement and AI

During the course of Creative Robotics

Modules and Courses

M1: AI and societal challenges

  • AI for movement applications in the economy and society
  • Anthropology of the body and sociology of interaction
  • Ethics and privacy by design
  • Perception, emotion and the aesthetics of movement

M2: Motion capture, modeling and pattern recognition

  • Motion capturing: Studio-based experience
  • Machine learning
  • Deep Learning for Big Data
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Statistical, geometrical and dynamic representations of movement
  • Computer Vision for Scene Analysis

M3: User Interaction and User Experience

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • User Interaction / User Experience (UI/UX)
  • Human Motion Analysis in Interactive Environments

M4: Humans, machines and connected objects

  • Human-Robot Interaction and Collaborative Robotics
  • Designing Movement-Sound Interactions
  • Creative Robotics
  • Personalized healthcare and IoTs (Internet of Things)
  • Sensorimotor learning and vocational training

M5: Movement and European industrial leadership

  • Project coordination for human-centred engineering
  • Challenges for Cultural and Creative Industries*
  • Challenges for the Factory of the Future*
  • Challenges for Autonomous Vehicles*

*choose one among optional courses

M6: Interdisciplinary AI engagement

  • Think-Tank and OpenLab Days
  • Summer School

Gesture recognition for Human-Robot Collaboration in the Factory of the Future

How to apply

Application Requirements

In order to submit an application for 2020-2021 entry to AIMove, you should fulfil the requirements below:

Academic Requirements

  • Five-years at University level or diploma in engineering, informatics, mathematics, automation, electronics or other relevant disciplines or
  • Four-years at University level and three years of professional experience

English Language Requirements

AIMove is an English-medium program and all applicants must be able to provide evidence of competency in English. To meet the AIMove English language requirements you will need to have one of the acceptable language qualifications listed below:

  • IELTS: the minimum overall band score is 6.5. The individual score is 6.0 across the four skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing grades.
  • TOEFL score required: 79-93
  • TOEIC score required: above 680

Prepare your application

Documents to submit (in English). The application form must be accompanied by a motivation letter, two recommendation letters, your most up-to-date CV (max. 2 pages), language certificates and grade reports.

Tuition Fees

How much it will cost

Fees for applicants from EU and international students are the same. There is no application fee. The total cost for the academic year 2020-2021 is distributed as below:

  • 800€ registration fee and 16000€ tuition fees.

For candidates supported by companies, please contact the administration of AIMove.

Last updated Mar 2020

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