2-year Master in Finance and Accounting

Kozminski University

Program Description

2-year Master in Finance and Accounting

Kozminski University

The Master's in Finance and Accounting program is designed in close cooperation with practitioners - representatives of companies and financial institutions. It Delivers in-depth specialized knowledge and develops skills of analyzing complex business problems through combining financial and accounting information with knowledge from other areas. Students will get knowledge about advanced financial tools and techniques and develop skills of their application through workshops and real life case studies. Through the program students will be able to develop data gathering and analyses skills, communication skills and ability to use IT tools effectively.

If you want to know more about our Finance and Accounting program, we've got a great opportunity for you! The coordinator of the F&A program, Dr Pawel Mielcarz (PhD) is organizing a series of webinars aimed at answering the questions of the prospective students regarding the contents of the program.

To join the web-conference please send a request to webinar@kozminski.edu.pl and you will receive a link to access the meeting. Of course you can share it with everyone interested in starting Finance and Accounting degree at Kozminski University.

Feel free to join and ask questions, we’ll be there for you!

The dates (Central-European Time) of the webinars are given below.

02/24/2016 – 3.30 pm

03/16/2016 – 5.15 pm

04/07/2016 – 5.00 pm

05/10/2016 – 3.00 pm

06/03/2016 – 3.00 pm

06/30/2016 – 4.00 pm

07/15/2016 – 4.00 pm

07/26/2016 – 4.00 pm

08/08/2016 – 4.00 pm

08/22/2016 – 4.00 pm

09/05/2016 – 4.00 pm

09/19/2016 – 4.00 pm

Dr Pawel Mielcarz, PHD

Check our Double Degree Master in Finance and Accounting with the University of Porto! http://www.kozminski.edu.pl/porto/

The program of MSc studies is addressed to candidates who bind their professional future with accounting in the broad sense and selected discipline of finance, in which they want to specialize. Knowledge, skills and attitudes offered by the program enable effective functioning both in disciplines connected and not connected with business, during work for somebody and by oneself.


  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Reporting and Accounting
  • International Anti-Money Laundering


  • Advanced knowledge of financial management, investment, and banking, based on case studies and active learning.
  • Skill improvement with analysis, investment planning, financial problem solving, and consulting.
  • Hands-on knowledge of global accounting standards and practices.
  • Skills in consulting, effective communication, and work as part of international teams.
  • Economic mechanisms at the micro- and macro- economic level
  • Proper functioning of an enterprise and financial institutions in a free market economy
  • Assessment of the current and future financial conditions of an organization
  • Market position and business entities
  • Laws and their relation to business practice
  • Professional and ethical standards used in solving problems in finance and accounting
  • Principles and accounting standards, both in domestic and foreign and international accounting operations
  • Preparing and interpreting financial statements and formulating useful conclusions based on them
  • Design of efficient accounting systems, assessing the effectiveness of the accounting systems used in a variety of entities
  • Implement ways to improve the financial condition of each entity, its restructuring and rehabilitation
  • Making the right choice out of the most favorable sources of financing
  • Identify risks in business, its measurement and management


  • A specialist in finance, financial analyst, or manager in organizations dealing with financial services (banks, insurers, mutual funds, broker services), international corporations or the public sector.
  • A controller, an accountant, an auditor, or an accounting specialist in a related field (professions that have proven to be resistant to the financial crisis). The program prepares its participants for work in both the private and public sectors.
  • A specialist in any department of a company related to finance and accounting
  • A specialist in Anti-Money Laundering and compliance departments of international banks


Tuition per semester: 8900 PLN (full time), 7100 PLN (part time)

Admission fee: 750 PLN paid in full

ADMISSION DEADLINE: EU citizens 15 September, non-EU citizens 1 August.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Oct. 2017
2 years
Part time
Full time
8,900 PLN
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Application for non-EU citizens - August 1
Poland - Warsaw, Masovia
Start date: Oct. 2017
Application deadline Request Info
Application for non-EU citizens - August 1
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Oct. 2017
Poland - Warsaw, Masovia
Application deadline Request Info
Application for non-EU citizens - August 1
End date Request Info
8900 PLN full-time, 7100 PLN part-time