The Language In Group


With over 40 years experience in teaching and running language centres, Kevin Kelly (Dublin), Stuart Rubenstein (London) and Margie Barker (Totnes) decided to bring their three schools together under one umbrella in 2010. And so The Language in Group was born.

They are committed to changing the face of language teaching and recognise that methodology has not developed in the last 20 years. Language in Group schools are reinventing what happens both inside and outside the classroom so that our students can learn in a more effective way.

All three schools have a long and successful history under different names (Annalivia School of Languages, Camden College of English, Totnes School of English) and an exciting future as Language in Dublin, Language in London and Language in Totnes.

Our Promise

We will treat you with respect and do everything reasonable to help you to improve your English as quickly as possible. We will always support you with any requests you have about your studies or accommodation. We will listen to your suggestions and see you as part of the planning process for the future of Language in Group schools.

Our Mission

We make language learning accessible to people of all ages through the experience of travelling abroad to take a course or the convenience of studying closer to home.

Our Vision

Our educational aim is to help those who study with us achieve their goals and our commercial aim is to steadily grow the group. We will do this by setting the highest standards, focusing on the changing needs of language learners and listening to our partners.

Our Values

In the classroom, our students are encouraged to experiment and not fear making mistakes. We promote the same attitude throughout Language in Group in everything we do so that we can continue to innovate, explore and develop.

And at the heart of Language in Group is a belief that language learning contributes to a better understanding of people and societies across the globe as well as opening up new possibilities for friendship, travel and business.


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