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Infopulse University Ukraine

Ukraine Kiev August 2016

WELCOME to "INFOPULSE UKRAINE" Infopulse – a trusted international vendor, delivering first-class IT solutions With offices in nine countries, located throughout Europe and Israel, Infopulse is one of the largest Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies. Delivering excellence in software engineering, infrastructure management, and information security, Infopulse has built a reputation as a trusted full-service solution provider. Growth and stability Founded over 25 y… [+] ears ago, Infopulse has steadily grown during the past decade. As of 2016, with a team of the 1,300+ best-in-class IT specialists, Infopulse continues to achieve top rankings as an employer, consequently yielding the lowest attrition rates in our region. Being part of EVRY, one of the largest IT companies in Scandinavia, Infopulse shares European Values of business culture and quality standards. The company pays special attention to creation and maintenance of solid business continuity plans, ensuring the steadiness of all processes and teams. We support our clients in long-term partnerships to empower new flexible business capabilities, to drive continuous technological and service improvements, and to reduce costs. Industry Focus Efficiently combining in-depth industry knowledge and technological expertise, Infopulse delivers enhanced business value to its customers by providing reliable IT services and solutions for both SMEs and Fortune 100 corporations from all across the globe. With a focus on Automotive, E-Commerce, Electronics, Energy, Finance, FMCG, Healthcare, High-Tech, Marketing, Publishing, Software, Telecom and other industries, our primary aim is to provision our clients with quality services, customer-specific technologies, and comprehensive expertise. Our business is tailored around our client – to deliver benefits, perform exceptionally, improve business agility, solve problems, turn them into opportunities and fill the needs. Our approach By applying key principles of our full “value chain” approach, Infopulse is an integrated partner for all of your IT solution needs – from simple maintenance to product development, from basic research to complex consulting. We “speak the language” of the Industry, having advanced knowledge in architecture, security, management, methodology, business, finance, packaging, and other functional domains. Our business is based on our Motto – Creating Value, Delivering Excellence! In the digital age, almost every company or start-up requires a degree of code development and systems engineering. Software is the core of computing. Across the globe, companies, both large and small, are increasing their reliance on technology to improve efficiencies in their business processes. Hence, it is not surprising that software engineers and developers are in high demand around the world. We offer you to join this IT-world of cutting-edge technologies, fascinating ideas and innovative society. Our trainers are high skilled professionals, actively involved in IT projects engineers and developers eager for sharing their knowledge with you. You could also take part in real world commercial projects within team and under mentoring from top-level developers of big IT company – Infopulse. Enroll in our courses now and start to change your career! Become a software developer – well paid, free and prosperous person. [-]

Morgan International

Lebanon Beirut Jordan Amman Qatar Doha Saudi Arabia Dammam Jeddah Riyadh Kuwait Kuwait City Egypt Cairo Bahrain Manama United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Dubai AL Ain Canada Montreal Toronto Vancouver India Bangalore Chennai New Delhi Pune Hyderabad France Paris Germany Frankfurt am Main Switzerland Geneva Russia Moscow Ukraine Kiev Kazakhstan Almaty October 2017 + 37 more

Introduction In today’s competitive work environment, how can you easily secure all of your ambitions? How can you realize your most coveted career goals, leave your mark on the world and become the most successful version of yourself? The answer is simple: Professional Training. There is a world of choices when it comes to professional training and each one can open new doors. Morgan International has been offering customized professional training solutions t… [+] o professionals and businesses that want to succeed since 1995. As the first professional training institution in the Middle East and with over 21 years of experience training 70,000+ professionals worldwide, Morgan provides a personalized approach and quality learning to help meet your career goals. We offer professional certifications, diplomas, foundational certificates, technical and soft skills workshops catering to the needs of the finance, accountancy, human resources, marketing and logistics fields. All the great reasons to choose Morgan as your preferred training provider: Expert Experience & Advice: Morgan’s 21 years of experience means candidates receive only quality training from experts who’ve mastered the most effective routes to success Networking opportunities with over 70,000 alumni across the globe Vast Global Reach: Offices in 37 locations across the world gives candidates great flexibility to transfer country mid-studies and have access to unlimited support and guidance from across four continents Certified and Experienced Instructors Morgan fully supports its candidates by offering help and guidance from beginning to end Diverse & Flexible Learning Options: Morgan’s choice of live classes, self study, online videos, tutoring and review sessions means candidates can fit their learning to their lifestyle, needs and ability. The Morgan Promise: We believe in you! And we know you can succeed. In fact, we’re so sure, we created The Morgan Promise, offering free tuition for a repeat course if you complete the program but don’t pass your exam. Landing your dream job just got easier! As a Morgan Alumni, you will get free access to join Morgan Connect, our online platform designed to connect you with high-profile businesses looking to recruit talented and certified professionals just like you. [-]

KROK University

Master Ukraine Kiev September 2017

Founded in 1992 «KROK» University is one of the first private higher educational institutions in Ukraine. In 2003 the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine accredited the University at the IV (highest) level.The mission of our University lies in creation of an innovational education system for training of professionals, personal growth, scientific research and consulting that complies with requirements of informational society and corresponds to the needs… [+] of international and national labor markets. Such training system should be integrated into the world education sphere and directed toward democratic values. Our strategic aim comprisesScience - Education - Development - Health - Competitive advantagesIn its development as the University of applied sciences and technologies the KROK University aims at upbringing the generation of healthy, educative citizens who possess up-to-date knowledge and business skills. The University offers professional and social self-realization possibilities to its employees and grants competitive advantages on international and national labor markets to its students. Our valuesFreedom - Competence - Justice - Honesty - Responsibility - Transparency A right for freedom of debate and criticism and a right for academic freedom of professors based on a high level of their competence and trustworthiness that contribute to their continuous professional and scientific growth. Justice through personal respect and unbiased treatment; building of partnership within the University community; ensuring a right for comprehensive information, personal opinion and impartial argument solving. Personal honesty in unbiased judgment and decisions; elimination of fraud and plagiary; liability in executing administrative and social status responsibilities. Keeping University's transparency to ensure public monitoring of academic activity, participation and influence of various interested parties (employers, parents, students, alumni, professional organizations) on determination of main working directions and susceptibility to constructive criticism, international attraction and tolerance.   Fields of Study   Higher Education in Business   Higher Education in Law Higher Education in International Relations Higher Education in Management Higher Education in Psychology Higher Education in Computer Sciences Higher Education in Land Management Higher Education in Security Management Higher Education in Tourism   Post Diploma Studies [-]

Ternopil National Economic University

Master Ukraine Ternopil September 2017

Ternopil National Economic University is one of the leading higher educational establishments of Ukraine that has the 4th level of accreditation. It is an autonomous institution that has the right to graduate Masters of Economics. The University was established in 1966 when the Branch of the Faculty of Finance and Economics of the Kyiv Institute of National Economy was opened in Ternopil. In length of time the Branch grew into the Faculty (in 1967), later it grew into the… [+] Institute of Finance and Economics (1971), the Institute of National Economy (1989), the Academy of National Economy (1994). On the 30th of March 2005 the educational institution gained the University status. On the 29th of September 2006 by the Order of the President of Ukraine it was conferred the status of “National”. The TNEU staff meets the demands of the times and acts in the way to make every student and graduate feel that their skills, abilities and economic mode of thinking will fit in with the demands of tomorrow. To achieve this goal, the University staff follows the following two indisputable principles: it is not the teacher who teaches students, but the students who learn from the teacher; the goals of economic education are the following: to form the student’s economic thinking that can be transformed into certain actions, and to inoculate the responsibility for decision-making. The TNEU studying process is performed in the way to direct students and lecturers towards high responsibility for the results of studying. This is achieved by the availability of course books, study guides for individual learning, laboratory manuals, etc. Today, the TNEU is a multidisciplinary educational complex consisting of 14 Faculties (Faculty of Finance, Faculty of Banking Business, Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Management, Faculty of International Business and Management, Faculty of Economics and Management, Faculty of Accounting and Audit, Faculty of Computer and Information Technologies, Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and Management, Ukrainian-German Economic Faculty, Law Faculty, Faculty of Pre-University, Postgraduate and Masters Training, Novovolynsk Faculty, Sambir Faculty of Applied Software and Kalush Faculty), and three institutes that train specialists in nine areas and twenty-two specialties, sixty-eight Departments, and four Education and Consulting Centers. The University has top rank positions as a result of evaluation of 2007-08 performed by international and Ukrainian experts. In particular, in 2007, the University was among the five best Economic Universities of Ukraine, and in 2008, it took the eleventh position among the higher educational establishments of the 3rd-4th levels of accreditation. The University is one of the leading educational institutions of Ukraine. The University’s graduates are the vivid example of self-actualization, freethinking, national identity, and creativity in research. They are active participants of public and political movements, and democratic processes in Ukraine. [-]

International Institute of Business

Ukraine Kiev September 2017

IIB mission Value Creation for individuals, companies and society through • relevant and experiential executive education • applied research and innovation in business management • tailoring world best management experience into Ukrainian practices • proactive and client-oriented delivery   IIB Vision To be a foremost Ukrainian business school, national leader in executive education   IIB’s key advantages • team of competent faculty with international academic back… [+] ground and substantial experience in consulting and research; • systematic and integrative approach to portfolio development: IIB is Ukraine’s only business school featuring both MBA programs, internationally recognized professional qualifications and a full range of innovative management development products; • professional, collegial environment, in which diversity and academic freedom are respected, and in which productive faculty, staff, and students are valued and are motivated to reach their fullest potential; • learning environment that generates state-of-the-art knowledge, which is necessary for creative, integrative-thinking and problem-solving in a global economy; • proactive and client-oriented delivery integrating the best management practices, along with latest cutting-edge research and methodologies from prominent Western European and North American schools. IIB Values Efficiency We believe in aspiration toward efficiency as a core driving force of market economy. We aim to increase efficiency of Ukrainian economy through implementation of the world best management experience into business practice. We ensure value of our products offering efficient solutions for our clients. Innovation We’re sure that in today’s world to be efficient and competitive means to be innovative. Rapidly changing environment requires permanent innovations in management. We ensure innovation in our products collecting on-edge world experience and performing continuous research. Expertise We promote competence and professional focus. We are aiming to instill world-class professional standards into Ukrainian business. We realize that for business education to remain high-quality, it has to be responsive to the rapidly changing global business setting, both culturally and technologically. We remain flexible in our delivery and incorporation of significant changes of the business world into the curriculum and day to day professional growth. Integrity We cultivate an environment of honesty, trust and collaboration in which we hold ourselves to the high ethical standards. We believe integrity is an essential cornerstone for true professional and personal success. Commitment We are responsible for quality of our products and efficient value creating results of education for our clients. We adhere and promote social responsibility understanding it as a cornerstone of democracy, market economy and efficient economic development. Synergy  We offer integrated portfolio of products aiming comprehensive and addressed solutions for our clients. We create a unique atmosphere of collaboration, mutual support and genuine interest in each other’s success. We utilize all possible synergies in our activities and product portfolio. [-]

The International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv)

Ukraine Kiev September 2017

What does studying at a business school mean? To say the least, it means acquiring formal knowledge; not any business school can educate a person or, moreover, induce one to something. It can just provide knowledge. It can form system vision of one’s own business, boost new thinking and new development strategies. It can be the site which intensively accumulates collective experience, where new approaches… [+] to business management arise and new contacts are established. Business education phenomenon also means involving a person into the community of people sharing the same ideas, the community of high-fliers who are aware of challenges of their time and strive for personal development. It is this community that shapes creative environment, provoking original ideas, selecting and testing mechanisms for their successful implementation. It is at a business school that partnership network between business and an educational institution is created and becomes a platform for discussing and testing new business strategies, employing efficient tools to enhance business competitiveness. At MIM-Kyiv versatile partnership and comprehensive ties are promoted through the community of alumni the number of which is over 1500 (MBA program). Many of them are the heads of well-known domestic and multinational companies. Forming a system vision of business and strategies for its development as well as mechanisms and tools for efficient achievement of company’s major objectives is a guaranteed outcome of studying at MIM-Kyiv which, in fact, is a challenge to conventional organizational business culture. The MBA program at MIM-Kyiv is based on philosophy and methodology of competitiveness which embraces the whole period of studying. Together with Ukrainian business we are considering the ways of entering new markets, launching new ideas, reaching new levels of business development. And we focus on those who are aware of these novelty trends. MIM-Kyiv being scientific and practical business school creates new vision for the civilized development of Ukrainian entrepreneurship and its integration into world economy. We are looking ahead saying, that efficiency of our business is being measured not only in financial terms, but more and more in terms of its impact on  the society, on the social and ecological environment. The evidence of this is implementing the principles of socially responsible business – the global initiative of the UNO. The near future will witness that without observing these principles the growth of quality results neither of a separate enterprise nor that of the country as a whole is possible.   History The International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv) was established in 1989 at the initiative of Bohdan D. Hawrylyshyn, a prominent scientist, philosopher and public figure.It was a joint venture of the International Management Institute, Genera (later IMD) Switzerland, one of the best business schools in Europe, and the Institute of Economics of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. It was the first business school in CIS countries and it started in Kyiv! Since then “the first” has been steadily attributed to MIM Kyiv, to its story of success. To be the first always implies responsibility. To determine and establish new trends and standards is the rule for MIM-Kyiv. [-]