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Welcome to Grand Canyon University (GCU), Arizona's premier private Christian university. For more than 65 years, our Phoenix campus has been the gateway to success for countless scholars and industry leaders. With acres of scenic grounds and outstanding facilities, we invite the next generation of students and working professionals to enjoy the complete university experience.


University Growth

GCU is growing rapidly with plans for continued expansion. Since 2009, we have invested millions into the university to improve the quality of academic offerings and student experiences. This infrastructure includes new classrooms, laboratories, libraries, student support centers, residence halls and recreational facilities. In fall 2014, we welcomed a record number of students to our Phoenix campus and we plan to expand our student population and campus facilities going forward.

Our university also continues to accommodate our growing online and evening student communities. We have tens of thousands of online students attending class from across the globe. In turn, we are constantly refining our digital platforms to deliver GCU's outstanding campus experience to virtual settings. We are also building additional campus locations to help full-time and evening students attend class closer to home.

"New" is infused throughout GCU's curriculum. In summer 2014, we proudly announced our new College of Science, Engineering and Technology, which we will continue to grow over the next several years as we add degree programs to the innovative areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

GCU has also expanded outside of campus to include new properties. The GCU Hotel is located close to campus and offers affordable room rates and newly renovated accommodations - the perfect place for families to stay when visiting their student. Students in GCU's hospitality management program have an opportunity to gain firsthand experience at the hotel and the new restaurant, which will open in 2016.


Student Experience at GCU

At GCU, you'll find everything you need to enjoy a full college experience, from NCAA Division I athletics to suite-style residence halls, popular dining options, fun events and clubs and organizations. Traditional, online and evening students are equally valued members of our community and receive full access to GCU's campus resources and events. Explore our campus by taking a free tour or signing up for Discover GCU.


Message from Our President

"GCU is committed to excellence - striving to help students become global citizens, critical thinkers, effective communicators and responsible leaders. By making a private education affordable, we create new opportunities to elevate higher learning and contribute to the future.

At GCU, we think about the future every day. Ours is an atmosphere of constant innovation - with more than 160 academic programs across nine colleges and next-generation online learning platforms. Our visionaries collaborate with industry leaders to develop programs in high-demand fields such as STEM, business, education and health care. We also offer unique degree specializations to help students gain a competitive advantage in tomorrow's workforce.

Academic integrity is at the heart of our values. We help our students develop practices that support academic integrity and embrace integrity as personal, life-long commitment.

As GCU's programs expand, our thriving campus continues to build. We expect our campus population to grow to 25,000 students within the next five years, and have invested approximately - $600 million in outstanding amenities such as suite-style residence halls, classrooms, laboratories, a GCU Arena, swimming pools, new technologies that support academic learning, and more. Our successful Division I and club athletics are also a major draw for students, alumni and members of the Greater Phoenix Metro Area.

Of all GCU's offerings, our faith remains our cornerstone. GCU's Christian Worldview is integrated into all we do - both within the classroom and beyond. We invite students to grow spiritually through our worship services and take part in local and global outreach opportunities. We also encourage an open dialogue on faith - challenging students to adopt the principles of patience, tolerance and generosity.

In your experience with Grand Canyon University (GCU), I encourage you to ask insightful questions, explore ideas and produce original work that demonstrates your level of competence and understanding. Make a lifelong commitment to professional ethics and achieving honest, well-deserved success. Apply our principles wherever life takes you and add to the value of your GCU degree."

Brian Mueller, President Grand Canyon University



"This is the college experience I dreamed about. I'm in the program helping me work towards my dream career, and I am surrounded by people who are caring and very open within a Christian campus. I would recommend Grand Canyon University to my friends because of the quality of the programs, scholarships and how family oriented this University is."

Justin Atkins, B.A. in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Pastoral Studies

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Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Campus or Online Part time 24 months September 2017 USA Phoenix USA Online + 1 more

Enrich your entrepreneurial innovations and organically grow your business with the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Entrepreneurship degree. Offered by the Colangelo College of Business, learn strategies that drive business growth and increase revenue. This MS program is focused on marketing and sales approaches to help your product or business grow. [+]

Overview Advanced Skills with the MS in Organizational Leadership and Entrepreneurship Enrich your entrepreneurial innovations and organically grow your business with the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Entrepreneurship degree. Offered by the Colangelo College of Business, learn strategies that drive business growth and increase revenue. This MS program is focused on marketing and sales approaches to help your product or business grow. In this graduate-level program, coursework allows you to adopt the skills necessary to develop, build and maintain a successful business model for the 21st century economy. Through a rigorous curriculum, you learn the behaviors to bolster marketing and sales of a product or service, using research-based study. Discussions led by expert faculty allow you to gain a deepened understanding of concepts such as customer development, analytics and web-based marketing strategies. Degree Outcomes Business Growth and Leadership Strategies The MS in organizational leadership and entrepreneurship degree is focused on innovative, creative marketing and sales approaches to help you apply strategies that ensure long-term business success. Coursework provides the foundation for servant leadership as well as ethical practices from a Christian worldview. During the last course of your program, you foster a viable innovation, prepare a proposal for stakeholders, formulate strategies for managing the business model and present your plan after it is finalized. What You Will Learn Master's in Organizational Growth and Leadership The MS in organizational leadership and entrepreneurship degree program covers a wide range of topics and learning objectives in enterprise to help you gain the following competencies: Intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial concepts to increase sales of products and services Commercialization of innovation Shareholder reporting and policies Program Core Courses UNV-504: Introduction to Graduate Studies in the College of Business 2 credits ACC-502: Accounting Practices 4 credits FIN-504: Finance Principles 4 credits SYM-506: Applied Business Probability and Statistics 4 credits OGS-600: Business Model Development 4 credits OGS-605: Customer Segmentation and Analysis 4 credits OGS-610: Finance and Revenue 4 credits OGS-615: Marketing and Sales Management 4 credits OGS-620: Funding Organizational Growth 4 credits OGS-625: Infrastructure and Operations 4 credits OGS-630: Sustaining Organizational Growth 4 credits OGS-635: Launching Growth and Sales Models 4 credits Career Outcomes Promote Business Growth with an MS in Organizational Leadership and Entrepreneurship The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Entrepreneurship degree prepares you to begin or enrich a business career. This program is ideal for entrepreneurs, marketing leaders, business development strategists, sales professionals and leaders seeking growth in their organization. Program Locations Online Pursue a next-generation education with an online degree from Grand Canyon University. Earn your degree with convenience and flexibility with online courses that let you study anytime, anywhere. GCU offers the most experienced leadership in delivering online degree programs. Full-time faculty members and fully trained adjunct instructors, equipped with strong academic backgrounds and practical experience in their fields, support you every step of the way. Designed with the career-oriented professional in mind, our online classes provide an intimate environment that stimulates engaging and challenging discussions. Choose from programs across our distinct colleges, in high-demand employment areas. Classes begin frequently. Evening Grand Canyon University’s evening programs cater to the demands of working professionals who prefer an in-person learning environment. Our night classes meet just once per week and offer the interaction and discussion of a typical college classroom. Night classes are designed for a specific number of students, providing a warm and nurturing environment that supports an engaging experience. In an evening cohort, you will progress through your degree program with the same career-minded classmates, providing an opportunity to network and forge relationships that go beyond the classroom. Classes begin frequently at various locations, including our main campus. [-]


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