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As one of the leading engineering faculties in Switzerland, the School of Engineering focuses on topics which will continue to be relevant in future. Our 13 institutes and centres guarantee superior-quality education, continuing professional training, and research and development with an emphasis on the areas of energy, mobility and health. The range of study programmes is oriented to the needs of businesses and the economy, and combines scientifically well-founded training as an engineer with a strong practical relevance and an interdisciplinary approach.

Founded back in 1874 as the Technikum Winterthur, the School of Engineering is an institute of education with a rich tradition. Today, it forms one of eight departments of the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

Attractive and future-focused study programme

The School of Engineering offers a broad range of study programmes and majors, some of which are unique in Switzerland, and which are designed to address the current needs of business and society. The eight types of Bachelor degree impart engineering expertise and problem-solving skills with a strong focus on practical aspects. This enables well-equipped and well-prepared graduates to enter their profession. In addition to a sound education in the basic principles, some 2000 students also benefit from the extensive range of specialised majors and elective courses. Top-performing graduates can continue with a Master.

Research and development with an interdisciplinary approach

The current industry demands also dictate the points of research focus at the School of Engineering. Scientifically-based and innovative solutions are derived in cooperation with business partners and institutions in Switzerland and abroad. The institutes and centres thus work together at the interdisciplinary level.

Continuing professional development

Continuing professional development for engineers is one of the most fundamental requirements in today's knowledge-based society, especially in the technical fields.

The School of Engineering's comprehensive professional development options are geared towards current market demands and have a modular structure.

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Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)

Campus Full time Part time 3 - 6 semesters February 2017 Switzerland Winterthur + 1 more

The best Bachelor students who have completed a Bachelor's degree with an A or B grade have the opportunity to pursue a Master of Science in Engineering (MSE). The Master's degree is the highest academic university degree. It opens up considerable career prospects and represents a continuation of your academic career. [+]

Introduction: As one of the leading Engineering Faculties in Switzerland, the ZHAW School of Engineering emphasises topics which will be relevant in the future. Our 13 institutes and centres guarantee superior-quality education, research and development with an emphasis on the areas of energy, mobility, information and health. We are pleased with your interest to do an exchange semester at the ZHAW School of Engineering. At the Winterthur campus (30 km from Zurich) we offer exciting subject field combinations, practical instruction using the latest methods and an outstanding infrastructure of institutes and laboratories. You can attend numerous modules as part of our attractive and promising Master programme. Priority is given to students at our partner universities for admission to an exchange semester (Swiss-European Mobility Programme / other Bilateral Agreement). Students from universities without a partner agreement with ZHAW are also welcome, however, and admitted whenever possible. You will study together with your Swiss colleagues. The ZHAW School of Engineering offers a selection of modules in English for incoming students who don't speak German. In addition to the modules in English, incoming exchange students have the possibility of doing a project work at one of our 13 institutes and centres. This makes it possible for students who don't speak German to also complete a valuable semester at the ZHAW School of Engineering. Incoming students who speak German may naturally also attend the German-language modules. MSc in Engineering The best Bachelor students who have completed a Bachelor's degree with an A or B grade have the opportunity to pursue a Master of Science in Engineering (MSE). The Master's degree is the highest academic university degree. It opens up considerable career prospects and represents a continuation of your academic career. The ZHAW School of Engineering offers a Master’s program in the areas of Business Engineering and Production, Energy and Environment, Industrial Technologies, and Information and Communication Technologies. Industrial Technologies Graduates specialising in Industrial Technologies (InT) understand technical products and systems as a whole and are able to analyse and define the interplay between various technologies at the system level. In particular, they are able to interpret the requirements of the product or system, to prepare and provide the corresponding specifications together with the customer, and to determine the suitable technologies and processes needed to meet the requirements. The core competences to be gained include the design, development and production of components and systems as well as the necessary means of production. The primary focus is on electrical, electronic, mechanical and mechatronic systems including control and regulation. This is supplemented by in-depth mathematical competence for computation, simulation, analysis and verification. The InT specialist field is organised into the following competence fields: • Product development and production technology: Integral development of components, modules or complete systems from the idea to implementation, as well as the development and implementation of efficient production technologies using reliable processes • Materials technology: Development of materials and material surfaces along with their production methods and selection of the materials suitable for a product as well as their integration in product manufacturing • Mechatronics and Automation: Modelling, analysis, design and implementation of mechatronic components and systems and of automated devices and systems • Embedded Systems and Microelectronics: Analysis, architecture, design and implementation of software and hard-ware for embedded, microelectronic components and systems Energy & Environment The specialist subject of Energy and Environment (FE) focuses on sustainability, with a view to caring for the environment and dealing with natural resources in an economical way. You will be able to work in interdisciplinary teams, manage major projects and assume leadership roles in energy, process and environmental technologies. During the course of study, you will expand your knowledge of basic subjects such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and material transport. Furthermore, you will be able to analyse, describe, model and simulate complex technical processes in a systematic way. This will enable you to develop, optimise, plan, implement and operate efficient systems and processes which conserve resources and help to provide high-quality services. The "Energy and Environment" specialist field is organised into the following fields of expertise: • Power technology (electrical): use of renewable electrical energy sources such as photovoltaics, fuel cells, storage, supply and utilisation of energy • Power technology (thermal): design, modelling, planning, implementation and operation of efficient systems for the conversion, storage, provision and utilisation of energy such as wind power, heat pumps, ... • Process engineering: design, layout, modelling, planning, implementation and operation of processes and systems • Environmental engineering: analysis, modelling, planning and implementation of measures for air, water and land environmental problems, as well as in the area of process-integrated environmental protection Information & Communications Technologies The “Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)" specialist field comprises computer science, media engineering, telecommunications and geoinformation technologies. You will have learned to compare various technologies and solutions-based approaches in your area of specialisation and have, among other things, gained the skills necessary in order to integrate the implicit and explicit requirements and framework conditions of all stakeholders. As a graduate, you will have gained the knowledge required for planning, specifying and designing system architectures in the relevant field of specialisation. You will be able to implement and integrate these in heterogeneous IT system landscapes, taking into account the requirements of interoperability and further development. You will be able to draft simulation and modelling tools and use them efficiently to suit each situation. You will also be able to plan and implement comprehensive test scenarios for IT systems and components and set up the required testing environments. The study programme will also teach you how to evaluate and optimise complex IT systems with regard to architecture and various quality aspects. You will be able to produce an appropriate risk analysis of an IT system and to take adequate countermeasures. You will have the knowledge required to systematically analyse and monitor the security of an IT system. The specialist field of ICT is organised in the following fields of expertise: • Communication and Information Systems: modelling, planning, implementation and operation of secure and reliable communications and information systems, intelligent networks, and embedded systems as well as mobile, pervasive and omnipresent applications and devices. • Software Engineering and Technology: architecture, analysis, design, development, extension and testing of software systems which meet all user and system requirements, while operating reliably, securely and efficiently. • Data and Information Management: modelling, searching, recording, preparation, consolidation, analysis, visualisation and management of data and information. Business Engineering & Production The specialist field "Business Engineering & Production (BEP)" concentrates on the development and provision of services and the management of production and operational processes. After graduating from the Master's programme, you will be able to manage large-scale projects and assume leadership roles. You will be able to professionally develop, produce and provide services such as those relating to mass-produced items, as is traditionally the case for industrial goods. The core competences of this specialist area include the analysis, organisation and optimisation of flows of information, material and values. The course of study provides in-depth knowledge of the mathematical foundations required for this purpose as well as the tools of information technology. Methods from the field of engineering are applied here, as well as approaches used in business administration and management science. The specialist subject of BEP is organised into the following fields of expertise: • Business Process Management: the design of internal and cross-company business processes, and the mapping of organisational structures and processes in communication and information systems. • Operations Management and Analytics: optimal design and control of industrial and service processes, quality assurance and availability of products and services, where there is uncertainty, and taking into account target values and restrictions. This profile also includes additional specialisation options in Statistical Data Analysis and Financial Engineering. • Supply Network Management: design and management of spatially distributed value-added systems, and systematic interaction with the complexity of global networks from a strategic time perspective. [-]

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