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UBIS University is an internationally accredited, Swiss private university located in Geneva, Switzerland and offers Bachelor (dual Swiss/U.S.) and Master degrees in Business Administration and International Relations. UBIS currently enrolls students and program participants from over 40 different countries with 99% of the student body coming from outside Switzerland. In addition, UBIS over 15 academic partnerships with leading international institutions in, the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. Our students have a choice of studying at our urban campus in Geneva, close to the UN and the business center or studying 100 % online, which offers more flexibility in reaching their study goals.


We are proud that our individualized, tailored curriculum and the flexibility we have to accommodate in friendly campus atmosphere. We strive to elevate the value of our degrees, so the name UBIS becomes synonymous with success on the global business stage.

Why study at UBIS University?

Top 6 reasons why students join UBIS

1) Swiss education quality with U.S. and international reach

2) 6 Intakes (January, March, May, June, September, October) per year

3) Dual Swiss/U.S. degree programs; obtain 2 degrees and improve your career prospects

4) All program offered 100% online or on-campus; part-time or full-time

5) Small class size with VIP services built around students, their study goals and life/work

6) Urban campus close to the United Nations and the Geneva business center


As a globally trusted institution, our faculty is composed of professionals with notable field experience. This means that in addition to our respected curriculum, you will learn from the industry’s most influential and competent leaders.



We believe it is important that our programs address the demands of global businesses and institutions. UBIS not only prepares you to succeed in today’s fast changing market place, but also prepares you for what the future of business may bring.


UBIS offers a friendly environment, where students are personally mentored by our professors. We recognize that students utilize a wide range of learning styles, and our pedagogical philosophy is designed to provide different teaching methods that appeal to various styles. We strive to offer you personalized tailored curricula to fit your specific needs, whether you study in Geneva or online.


At UBIS, we believe you are an important part of a family whose members come from over 40 different countries. Whether it’s the diverse offerings of Geneva – the business hub of the world, or simply for friendships you will develop with our staff, professors or fellow students, we’re sure you will find UBIS to be an engaging and positive environment that will create a professional network and lifelong memories.

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Master of Arts in International Relations - MA-IR

Campus or Online Full time Part time 15 - 24 months February 2017 Switzerland Geneva + 1 more

The UBIS MA-IR program was developed by leading professors in Geneva, Switzerland and allows students to observe and get in touch with Multilateral Organizations, UN and its branches, Non-Governmental [+]

The UBIS MA-IR program was developed by leading professors in Geneva, Switzerland and allows students to observe and get in touch with Multilateral Organizations, UN and its branches, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Non-Profit Associations, or Humanitarian Agencies. The program is ideal for those who want to obtain the knowledge and skills needed today by top International Relations (IR) professionals. What’s more, our on ground students benefit from our Geneva facilities and international lifestyle: live and learn in the very heart of international affairs, international organizations and diplomatic headquarters. MA-IR Testimonials: “I chose this program, because I was looking for International affairs, diplomacy and several cultural issues.” - Dina M., Swiss, Master in International Relations “ UBIS is a great place to offer for those who need close relationship with the faculty and quality student service. The small classes can provide with more availability of instructors. As a graduate student in International Relations, I found the scheduling and activities outside of school very flexible alongside the university program. The module-based semesters at UBIS offer a win situation for those who want to progress faster.” - Yesukhei E., Mongolian, Master in International Relations MA-IR Career Path: UBIS  provides both broad vision and practical skills. With dual capacities, MA-IR graduates will be ready to establish themselves as leaders, directors, consultants, and professionals in International Organizations (IOs), private companies, as well as social society NGOs, foundations and associations. Attaché, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Operations Assistant, International Organization Officer, Foreign Mission MA-IR Faculty Profile - Former Head News Service/Communications Manager, World Wide Fund for Nature International (WWF) - Head of External Relations, International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) - Former Ambassador, Head of Delegations of the European Union, Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Guinea Bissau - Founder and Executive Director, ICVolunteers, and international non-profit organization - Consultant/Specialist in East-West Conflicts - Senior Economic Official, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Entry Requirements - University Degree (Bachelor) - 0-5 work experience - Motivation letter - 1 Letter of Recommendation - TOEFL/IELTS English placement exam - Peregrine Assessment Exam in Business (UBIS delivered) MA-IR Program Format: On-ground, Online, or Blended( on-ground & online) Swiss MA-IR Program Start Dates: January, March, May, June, September, October Application Deadline: 3-4 weeks before program start Tuition Fees: - 27.500 CHF (on-ground)/full program - 23.500 CHF (online)/ full program Program Duration: 15-24 months /full-time or part-time Financing: Scholarships and Grants UBIS offers the following forms of financial assistance to its students: - Grants- financial aid based on financial need - Scholarships- financial aid based on academic merit [-]

Master of Arts in International Relations - Online - MA-IR -

Online Full time Part time 12 - 15 months February 2017 Switzerland Geneva + 1 more

The UBIS Master Program of Arts in International Relations has been designed to prepare students for a successful international career in public and private sectors, meeting the demands of today’s job market and propelling the career of our alumni. The International Relations program educates students in both international relations and on business fields, since it was designed by professors who have worked in the UN and other international organizations and know that a business background helps students succeed when placed in real situations. [+]

Master of Arts in International Relations – Online

Want to obtain the knowledge and skills needed today by top International Relations (IR) professionals? Looking to attend an international university without the cost of relocation?  Why not enroll in UBIS- University of Business and International Studies, Online Master of Arts in International Relations (Online MA-IR)?

Program OUTLINE:

The objective is to have highly qualified international professionals by providing them with both broad vision and practical skills. While the traditional IR courses focus on history and theory, UBIS is aware that the people we train for our programs will be taking active part in such organizations and as such are also in need of certain business background in order to manage the offices and projects that are part of the daily life and routine of UN and other International workers. Therefore the UBIS IR programs at graduate level focus on creating a well rounded person ready to take on such duties at the end of the student's studies.... [-]


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