University of Business and Technology

EFMD Equis Accredited

As known, UBT has grown gradually and progressively from a Junior College to a full fledge Four Year College (CBA) offering six programs, and in 2008 it added the College of Engineering and Information Technology offering five programs, and then in 2011 the College of Advertising joined in after being approved by the Ministry of Higher Education as the third college. On May 22nd, 2012 UBT was officially announced as the UNIVERSITY OF BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY by the Higher Council of the Saudi Higher Education. UBT has become a university in a short period of only 12 years. This tremendous growth would not have been possible without the following factors:

  • Effective and courageous leadership.
  • High concern for Quality Education
  • The provision of specialized business education that was non-existent in Government Universities but highly needed in the labor market.


“To be a leading university, recognized nationally and internationally for high-quality interdisciplinary education, and applied research, through strategic partnerships to develop skilled and competent leaders of the future.”


“UBT is a private university that offers high-quality undergraduate and graduate education responsive to market needs. The university prepares students with transferable skills required to excel as industry leaders and entrepreneurs. UBT is committed to leveraging applied research and provides an environment that helps students, faculty, and alumni pursue life-long learning.”

This school offers programs in:
  • English