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Why to study at ETU?

ETU is a leading Russian educational and research center whose mission is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence. As such, ETU tries to sustain, strengthen, and increase its competitiveness, and to ensure a continuously high level of education and research.

LETI has traditionally high demands on high-grade vocational training.

ETU “LETI” academic school is 130 years old and the level of professional training of university's graduates is traditionally high. LETI was the first to domesticate many worldwide scientific fields. The most significant scientific discoveries leading to technical advance belong to ETU “LETI”.

More than 1000 academics including 125 Professors, 158 Doctors of Science, and near 560 Ph.D. scientists work for ETU. More than 30 members of national and international Academies of Sciences are among the ETU lecturers.

Today the University mission as a center of education, science and culture is providing high professional level of preparation in the field of:

  • Electronics
  • Electro and Radio Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Automation and Control
  • Instrumentation Technology and Biomedical Engineering
  • Human and Economic Sciences

High competitive ability of our graduates on the world labour market

Over 50 research teams and state-of-the-art laboratories carry out breakthrough fundamental and applied research in Radio Electronics, Radio Physics, Information and Telecommunications Systems, Solid State Physics, Nanotechnology, Optoelectronics and Quantum Electronics, Vacuum and Plasma Technology, Microwave and Millimeter-wave Technology, Biomedical Engineering etc.

The campus consists of eight buildings constructed by well-known architects. Spacious lecture halls and well-equipped laboratories are situated in these buildings. In reading-halls of the University library students have free access to world electronic information resources. A high competitiveness of ETU graduates in the modern labour market and their confidence in a stable career growth are soundly based on the excellent wide theoretical and practical knowledge and business skills.

LETI has a lot of experience in preparing specialists for foreign countries.

International students have been taught at ETU for more than 60 years. 3550 engineers, Bachelors and Masters, 370 Ph.D. and Doctors of Sciences working in 60 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America have already graduated from the University.

The education is carried out on different levels: Bachelor’s degree (4 years), Master’s degree (2 years), integrated degree (5,5 years), Ph.D. studies (4 years). International students can study either at the expense of the Russian federal budget in accordance with international agreements or on the contract basis. The language of instruction is Russian. The University offers a number of Master programs in English.

International students willing to learn Russian and improve their knowledge of technical subjects have an opportunity to attend foundation courses. The university is developing new educational programs in collaboration with European, Chinese, American and Ukrainian universities.


Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University is a leading Russian educational and research center. The University successfully collaborates with world known universities, research centers and industrial companies. Among strategic partners of ETU are more than 40 Russian leading industrial and research entities, as well as a number of leading companies in Europe and Asia. ETU hosts 5 scientific research institutes. More than 50 scientific groups and laboratories carry out research at ETU. Being the first established in Russia, the Technopark of ETU provides services for 33 small innovative enterprises. A major modernization resulted in a significant increase of the University R&D budget in 2007-2012, amounting to more than 20M EUR last year.

The University offers a wide range of educational courses of different levels. Our friendly environment ensures that students get the best out of their abilities.


Social assistance for students

All International students in ETU “LETI” get a place in a student dormitory, health insurance and care, a reduced fare transport ticket. There are also psychologists and legal experts who can help students. International Students Office supervises International students.

Conveniences and safety

Our university campus is compact and has developed infrastructure (Services). It is located in a quiet district of the city near Botanic garden, banks of the Neva river and Karpovka river. It is famous for its beautiful architecture and belongs to the historic center of St. Petersburg – cultural capital of Russia. Intellectual potential of our city is huge and its culture is multinational and tolerant. All these things make studying at ETU “LETI” comfortable, safe, enjoyable and give students an opportunity of personal growth.

Accomodation and Catering

While studying at LETI, all International students can get a place in one of seven University dormitories. They are all located close to the metro stations. Students who live in dormitories are registered at the address of the dormitory. Registration is obligatory for International students according to the law of the Russian Federation. International students are entitled to live outside of a dormitory. In this case they will be registered at the legal address of ETU “LETI”. LETI has the biggest net of university cafes in Saint Petersburg. Here one can find cafeterias and canteens with wide variety of food and drinks. Students can get a snack or some substantial food in all academic buildings. Set meals and lunches, fresh salads, soups, fresh-baked pastry, Russian pancakes can be found on the menu. Wide variety of the buffet's menu can satisfy even the real gourmet. Food is always fresh and healthy. Prices are reasonable.


Student life

University years are the best years in the person's life. This is the time of various opportunities, making first serious plans and setting goals. This is the time when students start to understand how to make their ideas real.

But student life is not only about lectures, seminars, exams and marks. Students' leisure is full of diverse and interesting activities. For those who are full of energy the University can offer a wide variety of sport classes. Department of Physical Education and Sports welcomes you to Electrotechnical University "LETI". The department has the broad overall responsibility of providing sporting and recreational opportunities and activities which contribute to the health, well-being and education of the students.

ETU Cultural Center is a place for the most active, talented and creative young people. It regularly organises entertaining programs and shows for all University events. Members of ETU CC participate in awarding ceremonies, choir concerts, festival "Step to the stage", etc. The most successful ones represent University at different festivals and competitions.

Public events are held at University assembly hall (seats 375 people), video-conference hall (seats 150 people) and banqueting room. Both professionals and amateurs are welcome to join clubs and sections of ETU CC which are all free-of-charge!

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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This school also offers:


Master in Laser Measurement Technology

Campus Full time 2 years September 2016 Russia St. Petersburg

Students get knowledge of quantum electronics and laser techniques. [+]

The structure of degree program consists of advanced professional studies, elective studies and a Masters Thesis. Students get knowledge of quantum electronics and laser techniques. They get skills of practical work with modern laser techniques and laser measurement equipment, ability of carrying out science research during development of new laser measuring devices and systems. As a result we achieve competitiveness of our graduates and their job placement in prestigious research institutes and firms. Education process provides studying of following special subjects: Wave Optics Optical systems and components Theoretical Principles of Quantum Devices Laser systems Fiber and Integrated Optics Laser measurement systems Methods and means of laser radiation control Laser and fiber optic technology in navigation systems Optoelectronics Programme: 120 ECTS credits, full-time study (2 years), Master’s Degree Eligibility: candidates must hold a Bachelor's Degree in the corresponding field Scholarship: scholarship covers the tuition fee and some study materials Academic year includes: 2 semesters, which begin on 1st September and 10th February, winter holidays 2 weeks, summer holidays 2 months (July, August). Masters Thesis defense in June. [-]


Master in Bioengineering Systems and Technologies for Prosthetics

Campus Full time 2 years September 2016 Russia St. Petersburg

The structure of the degree program consists of advanced professional studies, elective courses and Master’s Thesis. [+]

The structure of the degree program consists of advanced professional studies, elective courses and Master’s Thesis. Students get knowledge of prosthetics objects modeling and rehabilitation bioengineering systems design. They get skills of practical work with modern technologies and systems for disabled patient examination, ability of carrying out scientific research during the development of new systems for rehabilitation. Master students carry out individual professionally oriented work, scientific research and thesis at leading medical centers of Saint-Petersburg. Educational process provides studying of the following special subjects: Rehabilitation systems and technologies; Biomechanical and mathematical simulation of prosthetic objects; Technologies for estimation of prosthetic objects; Methods of computer processing and analysis of medical data; Automated image analysis; Automation of biomedical research; Analysis and design of electronic systems; Modern problems of biomedical engineering; Biotechnical systems and technologies; Information systems in rehabilitation; Computer aided design of rehabilitation equipment. Programme: 120 ECTS credits, full-time study (2 years), Master’s Degree Eligibility: candidates must hold a Bachelor's Degree in the corresponding field Scholarship: scholarship covers the tuition fee and some study materials An academic year includes 2 semesters beginning on 1st September and 10th February, winter holidays - 2 weeks, summer holidays - 2 months (July, August). Master’s Thesis defense is in June. Educational programs of «LETI» are constantly modernized, following the principle «Training through research». Graduates of our university receive new, profound knowledge and practical skills of work. [-]


September, 1st – the Day of Knowledge (beginning of the school year)

Palette of languages and cultures at ETU “LETI”

The 9th European Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials

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